Press releases

  • 29 Sep 2016 - KABUL - An airstrike targeting Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as Daesh, was conducted yesterday in the eastern district of Achin. In the process civilian casualties were incurred. UNAMA condemns the killing of at least 15 civilian men and the injuring of at least 13 others, including at least one boy, in the strike.
  • 25 Sep 2016 - KABUL - UNAMA today hosted a meeting in Kabul with representatives of the Hazara community.
  • 22 Sep 2016 - KABUL - The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is encouraged by the initialing today in Kabul of a draft peace agreement between the Government of Afghanistan and Hezb-i-Islami Gulbuddin.
  • 14 Sep 2016 - NEW YORK - At the 7771st meeting of the Security Council, held on 14 September 2016, in connection with the Council’s consideration of the item entitled “The situation in Afghanistan”, the President of the Security Council made the following statement on behalf of the Council:
  • 11 Sep 2016 - KABUL - As Afghans prepare to mark the holy occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, UN envoy Tadamichi Yamamoto wishes all Afghans a peaceful and joyous celebration.
  • 26 Aug 2016 - NEW YORK - The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that occurred on August 24 in Kabul, targeting students of the American University of Afghanistan, which resulted in at least 13 people dead, including six students from this university, and 50 people injured, including 36 students.
  • 25 Aug 2016 - KABUL - UNAMA condemns last night’s attack in Kabul on the American University of Afghanistan that killed 12 civilians and injured more than 50 others, mostly students. The attack began with the detonation of a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device at a university gate, after which two attackers entered the compound during the busy evening class period.  Eleven of the killed were students, nine male and two female.
  • 12 Aug 2016 - NEW YORK - The world’s young people – who make up the largest generation of youth in history – can lead a global drive to break the patterns of the past and set the world on course to a more sustainable future. Young people are directly affected by the tragic contradictions that prevail today: between abject poverty and ostentatious wealth, gnawing hunger and shameful food waste, rich natural resources and polluting industries.
  • 25 Jul 2016 - KABUL - A UN report on Afghanistan published Monday shows a record number of civilian casualties since counting began in 2009, with 5,166 civilians recorded killed or maimed in just the first six months of this year, of whom almost one-third were children. The total civilian casualty figure recorded by the UN between 1 January 2009 and 30 June 2016 has risen to 63,934, including 22,941 deaths and 40,993 injured.
  • 24 Jul 2016 - KABUL - On the occasion of the national day of mourning for those killed in yesterday’s attack in Kabul, the United Nations in Afghanistan expresses its deepest condolences and solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. The United Nations joins in mourning the loss of so many and wishes a quick recovery for those injured.
  • 23 Jul 2016 - KABUL - On behalf of the United Nations in Afghanistan, I condemn in the strongest possible terms today’s deadly attack that killed and maimed hundreds of civilians gathered to peacefully demonstrate in Kabul city. Preliminary figures indicate that the attack killed at least 59 civilians and injured 245 others.
  • 23 Jul 2016 - NEW YORK - The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that occurred on 23 July, in Kabul for which local affiliates of ISIL [Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant/Da’esh] has claimed responsibility. Two explosions occurred at Dehmazang square targeting a peaceful demonstration which resulted in at least 80 people killed and more than 230 wounded.
  • 23 Jul 2016 - NEW YORK - The Secretary-General condemns today’s terrorist attack in Kabul. This despicable crime targeted citizens peacefully exercising their fundamental human rights. The Secretary-General extends his condolences to the families of the victims and expresses his solidarity with the people and Government of Afghanistan. He calls for those responsible for this attack to be brought to justice.  
  • 04 Jul 2016 - KABUL - On behalf of the United Nations in Afghanistan, I wish all Afghans Eid Mubarak. As Muslims around the world celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr after a month of fasting and worship, I hope that families around Afghanistan will be able to come together in peace, in an environment free of fear and violence.