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The UNCT in Afghanistan comprises 20 agencies, funds and programmes with offices in Afghanistan. It constitutes also the development pillar of UNAMA which is led by Indrika Ratwatte, Deputy Special Representative focusing on development and humanitarian assistance. UNAMA's development pillar, serves to further integrate development efforts in Afghanistan, especially in regard to capacity building and coordinating humanitarian assistance from international bodies. Ratwatte is also the UN Resident Coordinator for Afghanistan, and Humanitarian Coordinator. He responsible for the coordination of the work of the UN Country Team (UNCT).

   Key documents


UN in Afghanistan Annual Results Report 2023

Due to the international assistance community’s concerted efforts, levels of support to Afghanistan remained significant. With our partners, we remained engaged despite unprecedented impediments that have shaken our core values and beliefs. In 2023, we continued to grapple with the challenges of upholding our core principles and values and simultaneously delivering on the imperative to assist people in need. The tremendous efforts and tenacity of all partners involved have shown the incredible creativity and perseverance of assistance partners who were determined not to leave the Afghan people alone.


United Nations Strategic Framework for Afghanistan 2023-2025

The United Nations Strategic Framework for Afghanistan articulates the UN’s approach to addressing basic human needs in Afghanistan. Anchored in the principle of leaving no one behind, the UN Strategic Framework prioritizes the needs and rights of those most vulnerable and marginalized, including women and girls, children and youth, internally displaced persons, returnees, refugees, ethnic and religious minorities, geographically isolated communities, sexual and gender minorities, the Kuchi community, persons with disabilities, human rights defenders, people who use drugs, and people living with and affected by HIV.


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