Mission Statement

VISION: A stable and prosperous Afghanistan that lives at peace with itself and its neighbours, where the Afghan peoples’ human rights are upheld and basic services are available to all

UNAMA’s mission is to support the people and institutions of Afghanistan in achieving peace and stability, in line with the rights and obligations enshrined in the Afghan constitution.

UNAMA’s pursues its mission by:

  • Building a culture of peace, including by backing conflict prevention and resolution, as well as local and national peace efforts; promoting inclusion and social cohesion; strengthening regional cooperation in support of peace and stability; supporting gender-sensitive peacebuilding and recovery; and the adoption of transitional justice;
  • Strengthening the Afghan state by promoting national ownership and accountable institutions that are built on rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights, and that deliver basic services to the population throughout the country; and
  • Achieving greater coherence between Afghan government priorities and international community civilian efforts in the areas of peace, governance and development.

Support efforts to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan

  • Prepare for and support peace efforts between the Government and armed groups;
  • Support Afghans to build a culture of peace and social cohesion by advancing consensus-building and inclusive peace and reconciliation processes and mechanisms at the national and sub-national levels, as well as victim-centred transitional justice processes;
  • Advance regional cooperation for the normalization of security, stability, economic integration and development in Afghanistan; and
  • Strengthen the protection of civilians, particularly women, children and vulnerable groups.

Support efforts to guarantee the respect for human rights, rule of law and accountable governance

  • Strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s institutions in the promotion of, respect for and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in complying with international human rights frameworks, including the protection of women and children;
  • Support the advancement of Afghanistan’s reform of governance and rule of law, including anti-corruption, accountability and access to information;
  • Collaborate closely with the UN country team, in particular in areas relating to the rule of law, anti-corruption, governance, human rights and gender, focusing on policy issues and good offices to deliver related programme activities.

Lead and coordinate the international community in support of Afghanistan’s priorities to advance peace, governance and development for the benefit of all Afghans

  • Strengthen the coordination and coherence of the international community’s engagement, including policy, strategy and programming, and improve its alignment with Afghanistan’s peace, governance and development priorities, particularly as they relate to economic growth and job creation;
  • Continue to improve coordination and coherence between all UN entities in line with the ‘One UN’ concept and in order to maximize their effectiveness; and
  • Support sustainable returns of returnees and internally displaced people.

NOTE - UNAMA's Mission statement is periodically reviewed to reflect key developments affecting the country and in alignment with the latest Security Council mandate. 


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