UNAMA Facilitates Women's Conference for Peace in Herat

6 Apr 2017

UNAMA Facilitates Women's Conference for Peace in Herat

Women’s role in the peace process was the focus of a conference held today in Herat with around 50 women participants from more than a dozen districts from across the north western province.

Facilitated by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the conference was addressed by the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dilbar Nazari, and the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Jamila Afghani, who both spoke in support of local women’s efforts on peace.

Speaking at the event, Pernille Dahler Kardel, UNAMA’s acting head, said, “Afghanistan’s path to peace and security requires involving people from all walks of life, social groups, and ethnic communities. This requires an expanded role for women and girls, in the home, in the community, at schools, mosques, and workplaces.”

In working groups during the conference, participants explored ways of increasing women’s engagement in the peace process, in line with Afghanistan’s responsibilities under Security Council Resolution 1325 and its commitments under the National Action Plan on 1325.

At the conclusion of the conference, participants issued a declaration reaffirming the central role that women play in building peace in Afghanistan, and expressing their strong commitment to increasing women’s voices in the peace process.