Twelve new schools on the way in Baghlan province

26 Mar 2009

Twelve new schools on the way in Baghlan province

19 January 2009 - Twelve new schools are being built in Baghlan province in the north of Afghanistan opening up educational facilities to more than 12,000 students.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is constructing the schools with the Ministry of Education in the provincial capital, Pul-e-Khumri and the Baghlan Markazi district of the province.

Work began in August 2008 and 80 per cent of the buildings have been completed so far with construction postponed for the winter months until the schools will be opened for the Afghan New Year and new school term at the end of March.

The total cost for the schools, with between six and eight classrooms and administration and storage rooms in each, is US$ 650,000. In 2007 UNICEF built four other schools in Baghlan

“We are very happy and pleased with UNICEF for supporting education in Baghlan province. With the completion of these schools 12,044 students (6,075 boys and 5,969 girls) will be educated by 444 teachers,” said Mr. Ali Shah, the Deputy Head of the Education Department in Baghlan province.

UNICEF has a variety of other projects in Baghlan including teaching training, classes for students who don’t have access to schools, the distribution of stationary and books, and salaries for 82 teachers.


By Shamsuddin Hamedi


Website: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)