Tadamichi Yamamoto’s statement on UN day

24 Oct 2017

Tadamichi Yamamoto’s statement on UN day

KABUL - People all around the globe today mark UN Day. Here in Afghanistan the UN family recommits itself to upholding the noble values of the Organization in support of peace, protecting the dignity and rights of all Afghans and contributing to the creation of a stable and prosperous nation.

The UN enjoys a long and unique relationship with Afghanistan and its people. We are proud of our enduring partnership and the unrivalled range and depth of our collaboration.

Our overarching priority is fundamental: to support an Afghan-led peace process. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) work closely with all parties with the objective to help bring about an end to the conflict. 

We also strive to back the establishment of a fair, open and functioning state based on the rule of law that respects the human rights of all citizens.

Another issue of critical importance is elections. It is imperative that citizens have confidence in the electoral process. Your vote must count. Let me assure you that the UN is committed to do all it can to support the holding of transparent and credible elections.

The UN family in Afghanistan is made up of more than 20 specialized entities striving to improve life for ordinary Afghans in critical areas from better health care, education for all and job creation through to equal rights for women, improved agriculture and safeguarding the environment.

We are re-doubling our efforts to ensure our work helps communities most in need and drives sustainable development in accordance with Afghan priorities. The challenges may at times appear enormous, but we are supporting Afghans achieve tangible progress and some great things.

Let me give you just a glimpse into the work we have accomplished in this last year alone: we helped conduct polio campaigns reaching 9.9 million children; we created mobile health teams to provide maternal and child health services for 1.2 million children nationwide; we have fed over 3.5 million vulnerable Afghans by distributing food or providing vouchers.

We have helped establish more than 2,000 community-based education centres and continued to support several thousand existing centres reaching around 170,000 children, almost half of them girls; we have supported the Government to develop and publish the National Education Strategic Plan; and assisted the return of almost half a million Afghans from Iran and Pakistan.

The UN has backed 2,300 women and children survivors of violence in women protection and family guidance centers; provided the first anti-corruption training to Anti-Corruption Justice Center officials on anti-corruption; and we have brought together 167 aid agencies to reach the people most in need of aid.

This is just a snap-shot of some of our work with Afghanistan, the majority of it is implemented by Afghans in response to Afghan priorities.

We have been honoured to work with Afghan communities over the last year just as we have over the past 70 years. I can assure you, that the UN intends to stay the course with the Afghan people for peace to be established and for the country to flourish.