Stronger political party coordination outcome of UNAMA event

27 Mar 2016

Stronger political party coordination outcome of UNAMA event

GARDEZ - The establishment of a provincial political coordination forum was the key outcome of a UNAMA-supported event in Gardez that brought together political parties from Paktya province last week.

Trust and confidence among political parties supports wider peace and development initiatives, and also promotes the operation of democratic processes.  

Around 50 people, including representatives of nine political parties registered in Gardez and the provincial Justice Department, participated at the gathering which highlighted the significance of inter-party relations, and explored opportunities for cooperation and improved understanding of differing political agendas.

Samiuddin Haqmal, director of the provincial Justice Department, briefed participants about political party law and his department’s role in the political process.

The party representatives agreed to set up a political party coordination committee which will provide a regular forum for discussion of key political issues at the provincial level.

Haji Sharbat Khan, provincial Chief of the Dawat-e-islami party said regular meetings between political parties were important because mutual cooperation is vital for the overall development of the province.

“Each political party follows a particular political agenda and policy, but our priority should be securing and advancing the interests of Paktya province,” said Mr. Khan.

Dr. Fazal Rabi, a representative of the Hizb-e-Islami party, said that political parties were integral to the democratic process and play an important role in the promotion of stability, peace and development.

“Let’s practice provincial-oriented politics, because improved cooperation among the political parties helps us to protect our provincial interests and ensures the wellbeing of our people,” said Mr. Rabi.

Political parties at the provincial level have an important role in engaging with local people about their concerns and challenges. They are also linked – to varying degrees -- with provincial and national level political activities and initiatives.

The UN Security Council, in its recent resolution on Afghanistan, expressed its continued support for the Government and people of Afghanistan as they rebuild their country and strengthen the foundations of sustainable peace and development and constitutional democracy.

UNAMA is mandated to support Afghan-led political processes through the provision of its good offices and facilitation role. UNAMA has welcomed the announcement by the National Unity Government to hold parliamentary and district council elections in the second half of 2016.