Statement on commencement of presidential election campaign period

29 Jul 2019

Statement on commencement of presidential election campaign period

KABUL - As the presidential election campaign period started on 28 July and runs to 25 September, all candidates and supporters are expected to engage in a fair campaign as outlined in the Election Law, the Independent Election Commission’s Code of Conduct for the candidates and regulations enacted by the Independent Election Commission.

As all stakeholders must work toward building trust and confidence in the election process, it is hoped that the campaigns will provide the Afghan people with sufficient information and understanding for them to exercise an informed choice for their next president.

The media plays a particularly important role in the elections process, just as all Afghans should play their part in creating and ensuring an equitable and peaceful campaign period. Registered voters are encouraged to participate in the elections to enable the Afghan people, including women, to express their democratic will.

All parties should be cognizant of their obligations under the law, including presidential decrees on non-interference by public officials and security forces in electoral affairs: All government officials are legally bound to separate their duties in government from campaigning or conducting themselves in a manner that would benefit specific candidates.

UNAMA reiterates its continued commitment and support for an Afghan‐led and Afghan‐owned election, and acknowledges the efforts made by electoral management bodies, the government and other stakeholders to hold a timely, transparent and credible presidential election.