Peace Day 2009: Views on Peace

21 Sep 2009

Peace Day 2009: Views on Peace

KABUL - The International Day of Peace is being celebrated across Afghanistan today through activities and events that have been organized not just by the United Nations, but also by big and small organizations.

Congruent with this year's slogan, on this day, UNAMA asked a cross-section of people, both, local and international, young and old, "What are you doing for Peace"? Here are some of their thoughts:

Jamshid Aria, hotel manager 

"Peace is important for our country, because we have never had peace in my lifetime, whether it was during the Soviets, the mujhiddin or the Taliban. For peace, I am going to complete my education in law, so that I can contribute to my country and bring peace to it."

Lynn Yoshikawa, policy officer, Oxfam
"I'm working on Peace Day with UN and NGO colleagues to draft a food security strategy for the 2010 Humanitarian Action Plan. The strategy will ... address emergency lifesaving needs for the most vulnerable Afghans, including those affected by the conflict and natural disasters, and help rebuild their livelihoods."

Mohammad Ajmal, school student
"My country needs peace today. On Peace Day I will not fight with my elder brother and if I see any of my friends fighting, I will stop them."

Jayant Prasad, India's Ambassador to Afghanistan 

"The construction of peace is through the provision of public goods and people-oriented development. This is also the motto of the Indian mission in Afghanistan. I hope and pray for a culture of peace and non-violence."

Fayiz Rehman, Afghan National Police

"I want peace in Afghanistan so that my family and my countrymen can prosper. I became a policeman so that I can make Kabul more secure and peaceful. This is what I am doing for peace."

By Aditya Mehta, UNAMA