Painting highlights environmental protection

2 Jun 2009

Painting highlights environmental protection

KABUL - The United Nations Environment Programme is promoting the importance of environmental protection in Afghanistan.

As part of a series of events leading up to World Environment Day on 5 June 2009, UNEP is highlighting climate change and the broader consequences of environmental change, and what societies can do in response.

In Bamyan today UNEP organized a painting competition among school students in the province.

Eleven girls among 23 students participated in the painting competition that highlighted the significance of preserving natural heritage sites and landscape conservation.

UNEP has worked with the Government of Afghanistan to develop a National Adaptation Plan of Action for Climate Change.

“When implemented, this will assist rural communities in particular to adapt to the impacts of climate change in Afghanistan, which are likely to include, among other things, widespread drought as the norm, land degradation affecting the agriculture sector, increased natural disasters, and forced migration of rural communities,” said Ms Belinda Bowling, UNEP Afghanistan’s programme manager.

“In a natural resource dependent province like Bamyan, the effects are likely to be even more acutely felt,” she added.

Ms Habiba Sarabi, the Governor of Bamyan province said: “The best way to protect our environment is to educate our children in schools about the benefits of a green and clean environment, so the new generation will get into the habit of using garbage bins and planting more trees.”

“Let’s stop using plastic bags and plastic bottles and instead use cotton bags and water filters, lets start this ourselves, although individual actions may seem small but together all of us can bring a change,” added Governor Sarabi.

A jury from UNEP and the Bamyan Artists’ Association selected the three best paintings at the competition with the winners receiving awards and certificates.

“I love flowers, and I have planted many flower plants in my house. I ask all my fellow school mates and children from all over Afghanistan to keep their houses and environment clean,” said Zahra, 14, who won first prize.

By Jaffar Rahim, UNAMA

Website: UNEP