Local government and community cooperation vital to good governance, agree Kapisa debate participants

11 Dec 2016

Local government and community cooperation vital to good governance, agree Kapisa debate participants

KAPISA - Coordination and cooperation between local government and community stakeholders is vital to good governance agreed participants at a UNAMA-backed public debate in central Kapisa province.

The one-day event held in the provincial capital, Mahmood Raqi, involved more than 40 participants including the Governor and Deputy Governor of Kapisa province. Also taking part were representatives the Department of Information and Culture,  Ulema council, provincial council and Chamber of Commerce, along with business people, civil society members, university students and local media.

Hashmatullah Safi, a provincial council member, said the council is working to represent people, address their problems and serve as a bridge between the public and the government.

Mr. Safi said the council can be an important partner with the community in supporting good governance and monitoring government performance.

Sahera Serat, a member of local civil society, said peace and good governance are interrelated, with many of the current problems faced by Afghan society, such as insecurity, related to weak governance.”

Ms. Khalida Ahmadi, a local businesswoman, said lack of good governance creates many barriers to private sector development, including corruption and unemployment.

Ms. Ahmadi said it is in the interests of the country to bring about fundamental changes to the overly bureaucratic systems that are found in provincial and district government administrations.

An edited version of the debate was broadcast by local radio and TV to an estimated audience of 200,000 people in the province.

Kapisa province is geographically the smallest province in the country. Predominantly agricultural, the province is particularly known for its mulberries, pomegranates and almonds.

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