Key role of women in Faryab governance highlighted

17 Nov 2016

Key role of women in Faryab governance highlighted

MAIMANA - The important role of women in provincial government decision-making was stressed at a UN-backed event in northern Faryab province.

Around 25 people -- including the provincial governor, other government officials and civil society representatives -- took part in the event, which was organized by the regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to promote the participation of women in provincial decision-making processes.

Sharifa Azimi, the head of the women’s affairs department, identified the progress made so far on involving women in provincial governance, but noted there is still much more to be done.

Ms. Azimi said that 10 women are currently heading departments in the province, while 11 women are working in the legal field, either as defense lawyers or legal assistants. She noted that capacity-building activities are underway to empower more women and increase their participation in political spheres.

Andriy Larin, the head of UNAMA’s Faryab office, spoke at the event and commended the government’s efforts to strengthen the role of women in the province and include them in peace and security decision-making. He referred to notable achievements, including women serving in the provincial council and as heads of departments.

Faryab province shares an international frontier with Turkmenistan. While agriculture and animal husbandry are key economic activities in the area, the province is especially known for producing high-quality carpets.  

UNAMA is mandated to support the Afghan Government and the people of Afghanistan as a political mission that provides good offices; promotes coherent development support by the international community; supports the process of peace and reconciliation; monitors and promotes human rights and the protection of civilians in armed conflict; promotes good governance; and encourages regional cooperation.