Journalism training in Bamyan for the elections

30 Jul 2009

Journalism training in Bamyan for the elections

BAMYAN - Local Journalists and media in Bamyan have been trained to report on the polling and counting processes for the 20 August elections.

The media development non-government organizations Internews Network and its Afghan partner Nai have been training journalists across the country.

“Internews has a plan to train 170 local journalists across the country in eight regional centres on election procedures and journalism principles for transparency of the upcoming elections,” said Ms Jan Forrester, a media training specialist with Internews who has been in Bamyan with two Afghan trainers.

Internews, which has been working in Afghanistan since early 2002, is a media development NGO working for the empowerment of local media worldwide.

During the last few weeks before the presidential and provincial council elections Internews is heavily engaged in training local media and civil society organizations to promote public awareness about the values of a democratic election and its impact on Afghan society.

“The purpose of these training workshops is to educate local media about the importance of their role for transparency of approaching elections, by making impartial, fair and accurate reports,” added Ms Forrester.

Mohammad Hasib Noori, one of the two Afghan trainers contracted by Nai said: “We not only teach local media on the election processes but also the guidelines and ethics of media reporting during polling day and after.”

“This training includes the media code of conduct, complaint filing procedures, polling and counting processes and security of media in the field,” he added.

“These trainings are important for local journalists, their right observance and accurate reporting is vital to strengthen the belief of Afghans in democracy,” Noori added.

The first part of the media election training programme hosted 12 local journalists from different radio stations and newspapers.

Karim Jawid, a local journalist who works for the Dari broadcasts of a German radio based in Kabul said: “I am a journalist and I will be reporting on the elections very soon. I was not familiar with election procedures and offences and the media code of conduct, I can imagine that I could have made mistakes during my election reporting if I had not attended this workshop.”

Hassan Khaleqi, another participant who reports for a private radio station Radio Bamyan said: “Media reports are very sensitive during an election period. We are the eyes and ears of the people. Our wrong reports can mislead society. We are happy to be part of this workshop and be familiar with election regulations.”

“Now I am confident and have enough knowledge about the elections,” he added.

By Jaffar Rahim, UNAMA

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