Good governance key to community development, say participants at UN event in Kandahar

29 Nov 2016

Good governance key to community development, say participants at UN event in Kandahar

KANDAHAR - The pivotal role of good governance in promoting development and strengthening coordination with Kandahar civil society was emphasized by participants at a UNAMA-backed event in southern Kandahar city.

Around 50 people, including representatives from civil society, the provincial council and local government, attended the one-day event, organized by the regional office of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

The meeting – one part of a series of similar events running in the southern provinces – was set up to highlight the role of good governance in supporting peace and stability in Kandahar, and its potential for developing a stronger relationship between government, civil society and the public.

“Good governance is an important tool for linking civil society organizations with the government and is key to involving these institutions in decision-making and policy discussions,” said Mohammad Rahim Rahimi, head of Kandahar’s Economy Department.

Mr. Rahimi also said it is vital that government officials understand and support the relationship between government institutions, the provincial council, civil society organizations and the general public.

Participants stressed the importance of access to current information, which they identified as a cornerstone of good governance.

Kandahar province is largely agricultural and located on a transit route with neighbouring Pakistan. The province has an international reputation for its pomegranates and grapes. Each year, millions of dollars of dried and fresh fruit are exported to Pakistan, India and some gulf countries.

UNAMA is mandated to support the Afghan Government and the people of Afghanistan as a political mission that provides 'good offices' among other key services. 'Good offices' are diplomatic steps UN takes publicly and in private, drawing on its independence, impartiality and integrity, to prevent international disputes from arising, escalating or spreading.

UNAMA also promotes coherent development support by the international community; assists the process of peace and reconciliation; monitors and promotes human rights and the protection of civilians in armed conflict; promotes good governance; and encourages regional cooperation.