Getting women a seat at the peace table

4 Feb 2010

Getting women a seat at the peace table

LONDON - Nearly 10 years after the adoption by the UN Security Council of its groundbreaking resolution on Women, Peace and Security, known as resolution 1325, women are still not sufficiently represented in peace negotiations.

At last week's conference on Afghanistan in London only one Afghan woman was scheduled to speak, co-presenting with a man the concerns of Afghan civil society.

UNIFEM, the UN Development Fund for women, helped bring to the conference an additional 4 Afghan women civil society leaders, who presented to the Conference a statement with concrete recommendations reflecting women's perspectives on security, governance, and regional cooperation.

Our correspondent in London, Ratko Petrovic spoke to Anne-Marie Goetz, UNIFEM's chief adviser on governance, peace and security to find out why women's participation in such fora is important and what UNIFEM is doing about it.

(Note: UNIFEM became part of UN Women in 2011.)

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