Election outreach in Nangarhar

21 Jun 2009

Election outreach in Nangarhar

14 June 2009 - The public awareness campaign for the forthcoming elections is continuing in Jalalabad in Nangarhar province and in the surrounding districts.


One man carrying out the huge awareness programme is Mohammad Gharanay, 54, one of the Civic Educators of the Independent Election Commission.

At one of his recent presentations he met more than 400 prisoners at Nangarhar prison.

“I am satisfied with my work because many of our people really need information on the election. On the other hand I meet different peoples with different political views which help me to better know our society,” said Mr Mohammad Gharany.

From colleagues Mr Gharanay receives much praise.

“He organized more than thirty public gatherings in the different parts of Jalalabad city, such as markets, governmental and non-governmental organizations’ offices, parks, a sports stadium and more,” said Ruhullah Mumand a Civic Educator Officer.

Sahil is one of the prisoners who participated at the prison outreach session.

“I was not sure that the Independent Election Commission will give a chance to prisoners to participate in the election but today’s programme assured us that we, like other Afghans, may participate in the presidential and provincial council elections,” said Mr Sahil.

“The members of parliament and provincial councils should have an advanced university degree and experience in social work with the community, so that they can perform their job successfully,” added Sahil.

A total of 100 civic educators organized into 50 groups, including female groups, are working in Nangarhar province.

There are eight groups in Jalalabad city and 42 groups in the 22 districts.

According to Abdullah Safar, the Administration and Finance Assistant for the Independent Election Commission in Nangarhar, the civic education process will take place in two steps – general information on the election (which is already going on) – and technical information on the voting process and casting ballot papers which is planned to be launched in the run up to the Election Day.

By Shafiqullah Waak, UNAMA

Website: Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan