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Arrival of oxigen concentrators, 26 July 2021 ©Photo WHO Afghanistan

United Nations in Afghanistan and COVID-19

The United Nations family in Afghanistan continues to provide extensive support to the country’s response to COVID-19.

As of August 2021, Afghanistan had received five million vaccine doses under the UN-partnered COVAX programme. Run by Gavi, UNICEF, WHO and CEPI, COVAX was set up for the pooled procurement and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, globally.

Led by WHO, the UN also donated and installed 500 oxygen concentrators to COVID-19 specific hospitals. By mid-2021, the UN, with WHO and UNICEF in the lead, had provided Afghanistan with 3,750 oxygenators. Ten oxygen production plants in as may provinces were scheduled to be installed and activated.

With more than US$83 million received for fighting COVID-19 in Afghanistan, the UN’s extensive support has included the establishment and support to 28 laboratories, provision of more than 19 million pieces of personal protective equipment for frontline health workers and the screening of more than 11 million persons.

The UN began working in January 2020 to support the response in Afghanistan, even before the first case had been reported in the country. Early work at that time included provision of technical guidance linked to early preparedness, support and facilitation in the development of the National Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19, strategic planning support for implementing risk communication and community engagement and support in fund raising for emergency preparedness.

The United Nations remains committed to continue its work as a partner to Afghanistan and its people during this crisis, which comes in addition to years of conflict, grinding poverty and climate change.


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