Civil society leaders move to enhance local governance

18 Aug 2015

Civil society leaders move to enhance local governance

HERAT - To help improve local governance, civil society representatives came together at a UN-backed conference in Herat to detail plans to become more involved in provincial development projects and administrative affairs.

Herat’s civil society leaders, including members of women’s networks, labour unions and media outlets, met with the Provincial Council to discuss civil society’s plans to support the provincial government in improving service delivery.

Altogether, representatives from 32 civil society organizations participated in the conference, backed by the regional office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

Wase Sayedi, the Director of Herat’s Women Activities and Social Services Association, said the involvement of civil society with the government is crucial for a transparent and accountable local administration.

“Our engagement with the government needs to be systematic,” she said, noting that participants at the conference decided to establish regular meetings with local officials to discuss security, development projects and the appointment of key officials.

UNAMA is mandated to engage with the Afghan Government and relevant organizations to support the implementation of the national development and governance agenda in Afghanistan.

The mission is also mandated to engage with civil society groups to facilitate their increased role in national development, with the aim being to promote accountability and an enabling business environment.