Vendor Registration

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is pleased to announce that vendors wishing to register with UNAMA are able to download all relevant forms online:

Potential vendors wishing to register must complete the following forms:

UN Registration Form;
Prerequisite for Eligibility Disclosure Form; and
Bank Information Form

In addition, all supporting documentation must accompany the registration.

Vendors are recommended to refer to the Supplier Registration Guide. This guide to registration provides suppliers with important information outlining the types of documents to be provided specifically for registration with UNAMA and other vendor registration considerations. UNAMA urge vendors to refer to this guide prior to commencing their application.

Why Register?

UNAMA cannot invite or award contracts to non-registered vendors. Therefore, registering with UNAMA is the main step to be considered for participating in tendering exercises, in addition to the Expression of Interest (EOI).

Meeting the Registration Criteria: Vendors can select the level of registration by matching their capacities to the value of contract awards that they are interested in potentially receiving.

The Levels of Registration are:

LEVEL 1: Estimated Contract Award less than US$200,000
LEVEL 2: Estimated Contract Award US$200,000 to less than US$1 million
LEVEL 3: Estimated Contract Award US$1 million to less than US$5 million
LEVEL 4: Estimated Contract Award US$5 million and above.

Depending on the Level of Registration being applied for, the documents required for each level are detailed in the Supplier Registration Guide.

Invitations to tendering exercises:

Submitting a completed application through UNAMA does not mean that you will be automatically included in the Database. Registration will depend on the result of the evaluation. UNAMA will attempt to include all registered vendors in vendor solicitations for each commodity category.

Evaluation of Applications:

Each application will be evaluated by UNAMA on the basis of compliance with the pre-requisites for eligibility disclosure, completeness and quality of information provided, relevance of the goods or services, references, experience, evidence of ability to perform, and the overall financial soundness of the vendor. Successful vendors will be notified of their acceptance.

Registration Assistance and Support:

If you require further technical or substantive help in completing the registration requirements, please forward your inquiry to UNAMA at this e-mail address:

United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM):

In order for your company to be known globally by other United Nations offices, your company is encourages to register on-line with UNGM (under UNPD). Registering with UNGM does not result in automatic registration with UNAMA. UNAMA maintains an independent vendor roster system. When submitting your UNAMA application, kindly provide your UNGM ID.

The United Assistance Mission in Afghanistan encourages your company to apply as a potential vendor and we thank you for your continued interest in supporting the United Nations.