United Nations in Afghanistan marks International Anti-Corruption Day

9 Dec 2018

United Nations in Afghanistan marks International Anti-Corruption Day

KABUL - The United Nations marked International Anti-Corruption Day in Kabul by reaffirming its support to Afghanistan’s anti-corruption initiatives and by highlighting the ongoing need to accelerate reform in the interest of improving the lives of all Afghans.

Participants at the Kabul event took note that during the recent Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, delegates indicated that combating corruption is central to Afghanistan’s future, with the Geneva Mutual Accountability Framework outlining the need to strengthen corruption-related law enforcement, build better asset declaration systems and improve access to information.

The United Nations today once again welcomed the reforms initiated in Afghanistan while at the same time noting that all Afghan institutions, along with all segments of society, must engage in fighting corruption to rebuild integrity, accountability and transparency in the country.

Recognizing that the efforts and commitment of the Government are yet to impact the lives of many Afghans, the United Nations maintains that corruption must be addressed in Afghanistan as a substantial obstacle to long-term peace and prosperity.