UNESCO-Italy agree to support US$ 1 million media project

10 Dec 2009

UNESCO-Italy agree to support US$ 1 million media project

10 December 2009 - UNESCO and the Government of Italy signed a US$ 1 million agreement to develop the capacity of Educational Radio and Television of Afghanistan.

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Following the agreement signed between Italian authorities and UNESCO on 08 December 09 in Paris, the new project will focus on development of ERTV capacity for audio visual support to teacher training in Afghanistan.


Considering the physical burdens and lack of accessibility to most remote areas in Afghanistan, raising the capacity of the teachers through audio-visual medium, is a priority area for Ministry of Education which is also highlighted in five year National Education Strategic Plan (2006-2010).


The project plans to develop the capacity of ERTV using private sector collaboration and according to communication for development media-development internationally recognized best-practices, to enhance the production quality of technical and educational aspects of audio-visual support programmes in teacher training both in formal education and literacy.


UNESCO and the Government of Italy have supported ERTV since 2003. The first phase which finished in December 2008, has led to the creation of a fully operational educational radio and TV production house with broadcasting capabilities. The newly renovated ERTV started broadcasting 24 hours radio program and 3 hours television program on daily basis since April 2008.

UNESCO is working in Afghanistan since 2003 to support the education, culture, communication and information sectors. Technical assistance on developing the Ministry of Education’s five year strategic plan, conserving the World Heritage Sites of Bamiyan and Jam Minaret and assisting in the process of fair and transparent flow of information are among key UNESCO’s activities in the country.