UNAMA condemns deadly suicide attack in northern Afghanistan

18 Mar 2014

UNAMA condemns deadly suicide attack in northern Afghanistan

KABUL - The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) strongly condemns a deadly suicide attack which took place today in the northern province of Faryab, killing 15 civilians and injuring another 47.

According to reports, a suicide attacker with a body-borne improvised explosive device (IED) detonated in the centre of Maimana, Faryab’s capital. Local health officials have confirmed that two children were amongst those killed, and the injured included a pregnant woman.

“The continuing rise in civilian deaths from IEDs is tragic. Their use in a distinctly civilian location such as a market is atrocious and cannot be justified,” said the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and acting head of UNAMA, Nicholas Haysom. “I reiterate the many calls made by UNAMA for an immediate stop to the indiscriminate use of IEDs, especially in areas known to be populated by civilians.”

UNAMA stresses that the indiscriminate use of IEDs may amount to a war crime. International humanitarian law – which binds all parties to the armed conflict in Afghanistan – strictly prohibits the use of weapons and attacks that do not distinguish between civilians and military objectives.

In the first two and a half months of 2014, IED tactics, which include suicide and complex attacks, have killed 190 civilians in Afghanistan, a 14 per cent increase from the same period last year.

UNAMA extends its condolences to the families of all of those killed and wishes a speedy recovery for the injured.