UN urges safe passage for aid en route to western Afghanistan

19 May 2009

UN urges safe passage for aid en route to western Afghanistan

18 May 2009 - The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has joined the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in calling for safe humanitarian access to reach 500 needy families in western Farah province.


A spokesperson for UNAMA told reporters in Kabul today that a convoy of IOM trucks has been trying to deliver essential humanitarian supplies to the Bala Baluk district in the province, where a number of civilians were killed, and others displaced, as a result of recent air-strikes.

IOM trucks loaded with food, shelter and clothing supplies meant for about 500 families have been stopped en route because of security concerns.

UNAMA has stressed that safe passage is needed for these supplies to reach people in desperate need, and called on all parties to respect the neutrality and impartiality of this critical humanitarian effort.

The Mission added that IOM, in coordination with other UN partners, has conducted an assessment of almost 1,200 newly displaced families in the southern Kandahar province who have left their homes from the neighbouring province of Zabul due to insecurity. IOM has dispatched household kits for distribution to these families.

Website: IOM Afghanistan