UN pledges support to Afghan authorities to complete election audit

27 Aug 2014

UN pledges support to Afghan authorities to complete election audit

KABUL - The United Nations today pledged to redouble its support to Afghan electoral authorities in order for the expeditious completion of a thorough and credible audit of the Presidential run-off elections of 14 June.

Speaking to media in Kabul, the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative to Afghanistan, Mr. Nicholas Haysom, expressed the UN’s regret at the decision of one of the Presidential candidates, Dr, Abdullah Abdullah, to halt participation in the audit process and encouraged the review of this step. He also noted the organization’s continuing active engagement with both campaigns to hear and address their technical concerns.

Given the decision of Dr. Abdullah’s team, and in the interests of protecting the integrity of the audit process, the UN requested the team of Dr. Ashraf Ghani to review their own participation.

‘Underlining this request was a realization that the audit must not only have integrity, it must be seen to be even-handed by all Afghans,” said Mr. Haysom.

After a pause in the morning, the audit resumed this afternoon in the presence of UN experts, representatives of the Independent Election Commission, as well as international and national observers.

“The process will now proceed to its conclusion without the direct engagement of representatives of either presidential candidate in the physical audit,” said Mr. Haysom.

“The UN believes that both the 100 percent nationwide audit and the formation of a government of national unity are vital pillars to achieve the credible electoral outcome and a peaceful transfer of power that millions of  Afghans voted for,” said Mr. Haysom.

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