UN Flights & Other Services

Media wishing to request a seat on a scheduled UNAMA flight or to request ground transport should contact UNAMA’s Spokesperson & Media Relations Unit and follow below procedures.


  • Make a request at least 72 hours before any flight by completing and submitting the standard application form and sending it to  Spokesperson-UNAMA@un.org
  • Please attach copy of passport main photo page with application
  • Complete and sign the standard waiver that UNAMA will provide you upon receipt of your seat request, and then scan a copy back to  Spokesperson-UNAMA@un.org
  • Media will be notified about flight details by 15:30 the day before the scheduled flight.
  • Note that seats are made available on a "space available basis" and that late changes may mean late cancellation. In the event of such seat cancellation, every effort is made to place passengers on next available flight.

Note: OCHA and UN agencies, funds and programmes operating in Afghanistan use the separate UNHAS flight service. Media may request seats on UNHAS flights in coordination with the specific UN entity with whom they are collaborating. UNAMA does not handle media requests for seats on UNHAS flights. 

Ground transportation:

  • The UN has limited capacity to provide ground transportation for media, but can, on an exceptional basis, consider limited support to media – such as sharing scheduled vehicles to/from airports and UN facilities – on the strict condition that the standard transportation waiver be completed and signed in advance.
  • Media must obtain and complete the Transportation Waiver Form before any travel.

Donwnload the PDF of the form PDF iconhere