UN Flights & Other Services

Media wishing to request seats on scheduled UN flights or to request other support services should contact UNAMA’s Spokesperson & Media Relations Unit and follow below procedures.


  • Make requests at least 72 hours before any flight by completing and submitting the standard application form to Spokesperson-UNAMA@un.org
  • Complete and sign the standard waiver that the Spokesperson & Media Relations Unit will provide, and scan it to Spokesperson-UNAMA@un.org
  • Media will be notified about flight details by 15:30 the day before the scheduled flight.
  • Note that seats are made available on a "space available basis" and that late changes may mean late cancellation. In the event of such seat cancellation, every effort is made to place passengers on next available flight.


  • The UN has limited accommodation space in its regional facilities but is prepared to consider media applications and, where possible, grant requests.
  • Complete the relevant part of the application form and submit it to Spokesperson-UNAMA@un.org
  • No Afghan nationals are permitted to stay overnight at a UN facility.
  • Media must respect all UN security and other standard operating rules at the facility.
  • All non-UN personnel, including media, will be required to pay a fee on site for accommodation. Details vary per location.

Ground transportation:

  • The UN has limited capacity to provide ground transportation to media, but can, on an exceptional basis, consider limited support to media – such as sharing scheduled vehicles to/from airports and UN facilities – on the strict condition that the standard transportation waiver be completed and signed in advance.
  • Media must obtain the Transportation Waiver Form before travel from the Spokesperson & Media Relations Unit.

Donwnload the PDF of the form to PDF iconrequest a UN flight / accommodation