UN Envoy to candidates, voters: Be calm so ECC can perform

24 Aug 2009

UN Envoy to candidates, voters: Be calm so ECC can perform

24 August 2009 - The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Kai Eide, urged all candidates, their supporters, and voters to be patient, so that the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) can carry out its work and make decisions on the complaints that have been received.


"I say to candidates, campaigners, voters, and media, that you must respect this process. This is a critical part of it. Respect also means demonstrating patience," he added.

Mr Eide visited the ECC Headquarters in Kabul on Monday to witness how the commission was dealing with the complaints filed by candidates and voters, after the historic 20 August 2009 presidential and provincial council elections.

"I am here to see how the ECC is planning its proceedings. The ECC has my full confidence. And the solidity of my discussions...has reinforced the confidence that I have in them," he told the media, after meeting with some of the commissioners.

Responding to a question about the volume of complaints, Mr Eide said he was concerned about every irregularity, but emphasised that the ECC would do all it can to address and correct them.

So far, the Commission says it has received 790 complaints from across the country, including 54 classified as "Priority-A", which, if proved, could have an impact on the result.

By Aditya Mehta, UNAMA


Website: Electoral Complaints Commission