UNAMA Strategic Communications covers news and other events in Afghanistan and makes the photos available in high-resolution via Flickr, sorted by albums and by latest photos.

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Latest Photos

  • Family at parks.
  • Traffic gets.
  • Smiles all around as Eid celebrations.
  • Daily life taxi driver.
  • Daily life Barber shops.
  • Daily life tailors shops.
  • Dried-fruit shops.
  • Terrorist attacks in Afghanistan a ‘clarifying moment’ for all to seek stability and unity — UN envoy.
  • Briefing by Special Representative Tadamichi Yamamoto to the Security Council.
  • Media stakeout following SRSG Tadamichi Yamamoto's briefing to the Security Council.
  • Afghan’s preparation for Eid.
  • Daily life Fresh fruit.
  • Dried-fruit shops.
  • Daily life at night.
  • Entrepreneur skills, crafts, embroidery, and jewelry making.
  • Families prepare to enjoy Iftar together.
  • Afghan women preparing special food for Iftar.
  • An afghan boy prepares food for Iftar.
  • United Nations Secretary General Visits Afghanistan.
  • United Nations Secretary General Visits Afghanistan.