Leading storeis in today's Afghan media

10 Jun 2009

Leading storeis in today's Afghan media

10 June 2009 - The main issues covered in the print and broadcast media in Afghanistan today are: regional summit on Afghanistan, reconstruction, security and upcoming presidential and provincial councils elections.




Radio Sada-e-Azadi (ISAF) 
The National Solidarity Programme completed 44 development projects in Khost.

President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the suicide attack on a hotel in Pakistan. 

The Afghan Public Health Minister, Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimi inaugurated six health projects in Wardak.

Raid Killid 
An explosion injured four people in Kabul.

Print media

Nukhust Daily

UN officials have asked the Afghan people not to vote for those who have committed war crimes. While the United Nations and the most powerful countries did not exercise their power for seclusion of the warlords, how it is possible that Afghan people–being victims of war during the past 30 years- can remove warlords from power? 

Daily Afghanistan

Over 28 schoolgirls have been infected with an undiagnosed disease at a school in Badakhshan.

Cheragh Daily

Tribal leaders of the Barmal district of Paktika in a gathering decided to burn down the houses of those residents who are involved in anti-government activities in the district. 

Outlook Afghanistan

The Electoral Complaints Commission dropped the names of 57 candidates, including three presidential candidates. 

The Governor of Kabul, Haji Din Mohammad would resign from his post before launching a formal election campaign, a presidential spokesman assured on Tuesday. 

Afghanistan Times

President Hamid Karzai’s office Tuesday announced the restoration of General Abdul Rashid Dostom’s post as Commander-in-Chief of the Afghan National Army. 

Kabul Times

A regional summit on Afghanistan will be held in November in Turkey.

State Media editorials

Anis Daily

Afghanistan in the past three decades did not have any enmity with the Gulf and some other countries. Therefore, they will not directly support militancy in Afghanistan. 

Hewad Daily: The people of Afghanistan should participate in the upcoming elections and should not cast their vote blindly.

Independent editorials

Erada Daily

The transparency of the elections will be questionable unless security institutions draw up an effective security plan for the elections. 

Afghanistan Times

Now that the Electoral Complaints Commission disqualified a number of candidates from standing in the elections, the Independent Election Commission should ensure that all candidates conduct their campaigns according to the country’s law and in a transparent manner. 

Rad-e-Nejat Daily

There will be no remarkable developments in Afghanistan unless the international community pays serious attention to reconstruction and building governance and have a solid plan for spending aid money. 

Daily Afghanistan

The number of violators of the law can be decreased if the Electoral Complaints Commission has the courage to unveil the names of the 57 candidates accused of violating the laws in the country. 

Mandegar Daily

To have a peaceful and developed country, while casting our votes in the next elections we should avoid ethnic or lingual differences. We should vote for an honest and qualified candidate.

Regional media

Herat (RTA) Headlines 

DIAG officials collected 20 pieces of weapons from the Zinda Jan district of Herat. 

Herat border police have arrested an Iranian national trafficking nine kg of heroin in the province.