KUNAR: New Governor outlines priorities

1 Aug 2013

KUNAR: New Governor outlines priorities

KUNAR - Despite his limited resources, the newly appointed provincial governor of Kunar, Shuja-ul-Mulk Jalala, intends to implement his working plan.

That was the message he conveyed in a meeting with the Head of the eastern regional office of UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Heran Song. Jalala told Song of his commitment to work hard for the wellbeing of the people.

He said he will prioritize three areas: peace and reconciliation, anti-corruption and counter-narcotics.

“I started my work at the time when some in the aid community stopped their financial support to the province. Now, I receive only operational fund which are very limited but, I intend to work tirelessly with these limited resources,” said Jalala.

“We are facing a lot of challenges in the province. We have not enough safe drinking water in the capital city – Asad Abad. I hope UNAMA will support us to encourage the aid community to set up some small projects, and to coordinate more programmes in the province,” he said..

The new governor also said that timber smuggling was an issue he would confront.

To improve security, the new governor is planning to attract support by creating friendly relations between tribes living on both sides of the border with Pakistan, such as the Kohistani, Nuristani, Mumand, Mamund, Safi, Gojar, Mashwani and Salarzi tribes.

Speaking about development projects, Governor Jalala suggested the quality of may projects had been "poor".

He also highlighted his commitment to girls’ education. He has built girls schools in Kunar with his family’s money.

Heran Song briefed him on UNAMA’s mandate.

 “We wish for the successful implementation for your good plans and good will to support the people of Kunar,” she said.

“The attraction of donors’ support will mostly depend on your leadership and initiative, and your administration’s work. Our mandate is to support you and consolidate Afghan ownership and capacity,” she said.

Heran Song appreciated governor’s good plan and assured him that UNAMA will continue its support.

By: UNAMA Jalalabad