KANDAHAR: Addicts spend $100,000 on drugs daily, says Governor

17 Nov 2013

KANDAHAR: Addicts spend $100,000 on drugs daily, says Governor

KANDAHAR - The number of drug addicts has surged to 100,000 who spend around $100,000 daily on buying various kinds of drugs in southern Kandahar province, the Governor said today.

Toryalai Weesa gave the grim statistics at a gathering attended by farmers, religious leaders and officials from different districts of the province. The event was organized to suggest measures for preventing poppy cultivation.

Farmers grow poppies because they did not face any problem in selling the opium, the governor said, adding that drug buyers met sellers in their neighborhoods and offered lucrative prices.

“If growers want to cultivate wheat, the crop needs enough water, warehouses, roads, bridges and a proper market,” he explained. There was a dire need to forge coordination in the drive against poppy cultivation.

“Kandahar has currently 100,000 drug users who are estimated to spend $100,000 on buying drugs every day. This is really a heavy drag on the nation’s economy,” the Governor added.

Speaking on the occasion, Kandahar Ulema Council head Maulvi Obaidullah promised prayer leaders would use mosques to create awareness among the people against cultivation of the illicit crop.

In his address, education department representative Syed Roohullah Agha said along with other teachers he would launch an awareness drive in educational centres against poppy cultivation.

Saleh Mohammad, the Maiwand district chief, said that water shortages did not mean people should continue grow poppies.

Source: Pajhwok Afghan News