A grand celebration for Peace in Mazar-i-Sharif

17 Sep 2009

A grand celebration for Peace in Mazar-i-Sharif

17 September 2009 - As a major milestone in the Peace Day campaign 2009 in the Northern region, a grand celebration has been held in Mazar-i-Sharif.


UNAMA and its partners from UN agencies, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, the Provincial Reconstruction Team and the deputy-governor for Balkh province were among the actors who attended the gathering, co-organized by UNAMA and the Cooperation Centre for Afghanistan.

In addition to the speeches given by the different parties, the event was also an opportunity to promote Afghan culture through traditional music and theatre plays.

Peace activists and school children who won writing and drawing contests held in Mazar were awarded gifts and diplomas signed by the Governor of Balkh province and the head of UNAMA’s Northern Region office.

“There is a huge need for Peace, a long-lasting and sustainable Peace,” said Zahir Wahdat the Deputy Governor of Balkh province.

“All the efforts should be made to reach and protect Peace all across the country,” he added.

Leena Alam, the world-renewed Afghan actress and also UNAMA’s Northern Region Peace Ambassador, expressed her wishes for a strong and sustainable Peace.

“I am proud to see these children involved in the Peace process,” she said. “They will play an important part for the future of the country.”

“What are you doing for Peace?” has been more than a simple question,” said Pavel Ershov, the head of UNAMA’s Northern Region office.

“Thanks to your efforts this slogan has been a leitmotiv for all those who participated actively in this campaign, all those who face every day the challenge of defending and protecting Peace in Afghanistan, all those who believe that Peace can be reached trough a better knowledge of each other, more tolerance, and respect,” he added before awarding three journalists selected as Peace activists with pictures and diplomas.

To close this celebration, a theatre play involving five actors from the Northern Region represented the quest for Peace.

“We wanted to show that Peace cannot be reached by only one person, the only way to get it is to gather all the efforts and go for it with a common will,” said the writer of the play.

The next events to be held in the Northern Region are two large kite flying contests for the children of Mazar, dinners with the orphans of the capital of Balkh, handicraft activities in Sar-i-Pul and Sosmaqala, and school painting in Maimana.

By Alexandre Brecher-Dolivet, UNAMA

Website: Special UNAMA Peace Day website