ECC says decisions on candidate list final

19 Jun 2009

ECC says decisions on candidate list final

KABUL - The ECC today reminded all Afghan citizens that the period for challenging nominated candidates and for making changes to the candidate lists is over. 
Dari - Pashto

The ECC continues to be approached to change the decisions on excluded candidates.

“There can be no further changes to the decisions we made concerning the exclusion of candidates who are not qualified to run for office,” said ECC Chairman Grant Kippen.

Earlier this week, on the basis of the ECC’s decisions to exclude certain candidates, the Independent Election Commission published the final candidate lists.

Under the Electoral Law, the ECC is mandated to consider complaints on all electoral violations. The ECC will consider complaints throughout the elections until the results have been certified.


• The ECC held its first meeting on 26 April 2009 and is currently accepting complaints on all electoral violations.

• The ECC is an independent Afghanistan electoral institution. It will have offices in every province of the country in addition to its headquarters based in Kabul.

• The ECC is responsible for two main issues: 1) challenges against nominated candidates, and 2) complaints related to electoral violations.

• The mandate of the ECC is laid out in Article 52 of the Elections Law. Offences are identified in Article 53 and Sanctions in Article 54.

• There are approximately 280 ECC staff across the country. Twelve staff are international advisors.

• The ECC is not a criminal court or a transitional justice body. It can only deal with matters that are electoral offences as defined under the Electoral Law and Afghanistan’s Constitution.

• For more information please visit the ECC website.