Drawing and poetry contests for peace in Taloqan

1 Oct 2009

Drawing and poetry contests for peace in Taloqan

1 October 2009 - Students in Takhar province have been calling for peace though a poetry and drawing competition.


More than fifty provincial authorities, teachers and students, civil society representatives and media attended the drawing and poetry event for peace in Taloqan, the capital province of Takhar.

The event, which saw twelve boys and girls schools compete, was organized by the United Nations Assistance Missions in Afghanistan (UNAMA) with the Women’s Affairs Department of Takhar province and the Semai Mehr private radio and television station in Taloqan.

“If we were the generation of war, I wish and pray that our children will be the generation of peace and I hope that Afghans will lay all enmity aside and work for their country’s prosperity,” said Abdul Qadir Afghan, the executive director of Takhar province in his opening speech.

“We have tasted enough the bitterness of the war. Now we and our children want to have a sweet and peaceful life,” said Mir Hamid Ahmad Tamim, the head of the Culture and Information Department of Takhar province during his speech.

“Peace is our lost gem, we want to find it back and live in a peaceful atmosphere in our country,” Mr Tamim added.

“By holding such an event, we want say no to war and yes to peace. None of the mothers want to lose her children. None of the wives want to lose her husband and none of the sisters want to lose her brother,” said Razmara Hawash, the head of the Takhar Women’s Affairs Department.

“In a peaceful atmosphere, the children can be well educated, promotion and development go forward and we can have prosperity and a successful life,” said Mrs Aziza Nasiri, one of the teachers who attended the ceremony.

“By holding such an event we want to say that we are tired of three decades of war and violence and we don’t want the ghosts of war to be a shadow any more in our life,” said Zekrullah Mehdi, a civil society activist in Takhar province.

“Peace and security is better. In peace we can study and live,” said Shaheeda, an 11 year old girl who is studying in 5th Grade.

“Peace saves us from war; all human beings need to have peace. If there is peace and security we can go to school and have a good future,” said Hura Rasooli, a 14 year old girl student who is studying in 7th Grade in one of the school’s in Taloqan.

By Shamsuddin Hamedi, UNAMA