UNAMA is strengthening its partnerships with radio stations across Afghanistan and supporting efforts to provide information on issues you care about.

As a result of this expansion of support to local radio, UNAMA ended production of the Afghanistan Emrooz weekly programme in December 2016.

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  • Role of police, prosecution and the court in Afghanistan (Dari & Pashto)

    20 October 2015 - This week’s episode of Afghanistan Emrooz radio programme  focuses on the role of the police, the prosecutor and the court in Afghanistan’s judicial system. What rights does a suspect have and what does it mean to have the right to a defense lawyer? This episode also explores the importance and benefits of having an independent judicial system in the country.

  • Due process in criminal proceedings (Dari & Pashto)

    13 October 2015 - This week’s Afghanistan Emrooz focuses on the due process in criminal proceedings.  The programme takes a look at the step by step procedure under taken by authorities of Afghanistan’s judicial system in regards to arrests, interrogation of suspects and a suspect’s rights before the law.

  • Justice and peace in Afghanistan (Dari & Pashto)

    6 October 2015 - This week’s Afghanistan Emrooz radio programme focuses on justice in society. The programme discusses the importance of justice in society as part of establishing peace and security in Afghanistan. It highlights the formal mechanism used for conflict resolution in the country.

  • Global Open Day on Women and Peace (Dari & Pashto)

    29 September 2015 - This week’s Afghanistan Emrooz radio programme focuses on the Global Open Day on Women and Peace, an event that has recently been celebrated throughout Afghanistan. The radio programme looks at the role of Afghan women in peace building and discusses how they can be part of the process. The programme underlines about the importance of women in the peace process and challenges they face.

  • Afghans counting on international support (English) UN Radio

    23 September 2015 - Continued international engagement in Afghanistan is critical to avoid waves of people from leaving the country, the top UN official has stated. Nicholas Haysom, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), says Afghans are counting on the support of the international community as they face ongoing security, economic and political challenges.

  • Role of women and youth in peace process (Dari & Pashto)

    22 September 2015 - This week’s Afghanistan Emrooz radio programme focuses on the role of women and youth in the Afghan-led peace process and discusses their hopes for the country’s future.

  • Basic principles of justice (Dari)

    15 September 2015 - In this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz programme  we discuss about Basic Principles of Justice. We discuss about how people can have access to justice and where they should go and what steps should be taken.

  • Access to good quality health as part of human rights (Dari)

    8 September 2015 - This week’s Afghanistan Emrooz programme focuses on access to quality healthcare as an aspect of human rights. The programme not only details the human rights issues of health services, but also identifies the changes the government is making to extend their activities to provide better healthcare service.

  • Youth and development (Dari)

    1 September 2015 - In this week’s Afghanistan Emrooz radio show we focus on Afghan youth and their development. The show discusses their role in the country’s development. According to the latest demographic report, 63 per cent of Afghanistan’s population is below the age of 25.

  • EVAW law: Implementation and challenges (Dari)

    25 August 2015 - In this week’s radio programme Afghanistan Emrooz, we focus on the implementation and challenges of the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law that was passed by Presidential Decree in 2009.