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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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30 October 2014
• US: Convergence of interest with China on Afghanistan
• Unity government asked to hold talks with Taliban
• Arab among 4 dead in Waziristan drone strike
• Winners of smartphone app event named
• $1 million stadium inaugurated in Paktia
• Afghanistan to appoint female judge in SC for first time in history
• Kabul needs new peace paradigm
• Poverty forces Afghan Children to work for food
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29 October 2014
• UN envoy underlines Pakistan’s role for bringing peace to Afghanistan
• US especial envoy speaks with Aziz about situation in Afghanistan
• Unsuccessful PC candidates foul cry
• Upper House Speaker: Government should implement Sharia law to restore security
• 1,500 acres of state lands grabbed by former Jihadi commanders and powerful people
• IDLG plans to improve relations between Provincial Councils and Provincial Governors
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28 October 2014
• CEO renews electoral reform vow
• IECC ready to respond to any question on transparency of adjudication
• Amarkhel: They (foreigners) wanted to entice me, but it was not possible
• IDLG: One district chief is killed in every 45 days
• Newspaper’s chief editor flees country
• Helmand residents: UK pullout to fuel unemployment
• Herat registers 80 per cent decline in poppy cultivation
• Hewad Daily editorial: Foreigners involved in cultivation and production of narcotics
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27 October 2014
• UNAMA welcomes Provincial Council elections result
• Senate delegation to probe PC poll results
• Losing Provincial Council candidates accuse IEC of fraud
• Analysts: Reforms in election commissions mandatory
• Legal experts: Removal of heads and commissioners of electoral commissions illegal
• Four dead as suicide bombers storm Kunduz court
• Residents up against rebels in Kunar
• Prisoners’ hunger strike ends in Herat
• Jawzjan prisoners on hunger strike again
• Thousands of Afghans fight in Iraq and Syria
• Print news materials sold to fish sellers in Jawzjan
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26 October 2014
• UN welcomes provincial council results
• Danish: Improvement of security and economic situation, administrative reform and positive engagement with international community are government's main priorities
• IEC officials busy with lavish needs than election management
• Lawmakers want election chiefs sacked
• IDLG: Provincial council results to empower institutions
• HPC member: Saudi Arabia can influence Taliban to cooperate with Afghan peace process
• Gilani suggests parleys with insurgents
• Mudslide claims seven lives
• Police: 15 rockets fired from the other side of the Durand Line landed in Dangam
• Prisoners’ hunger strike in Herat enters seventh day
• ALP casualties up 70 per cent
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25 October 2014
• Cheragh Daily Editorial: United Nations and its double-standards approach in Afghanistan (Dari)
• US pledges to settle Afghan budget issues (Dari)
• President Ghani leaves for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah (English)
• Rashed appointed acting Chief Justice
• Provincial Council candidates call for nullification of PC poll results
• Imam: ISIS is made by Israel (Dari)
• Foreign forces leave Kunar
• Officials express concern over mounting Taliban activities in Kunduz
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23 October 2014
• Ghani to encourage Chines businessmen to invest in Afghanistan
• Manawi calls for reforms to electoral commissions
• Footage shows police break traffic law
• Karzai says late king had goodwill towards country
• Calligraphy, painting exhibition was held in Balkh
• NATO says assistance to continue to Afghan forces
• Faryab elders call for serious anti-corruption efforts
• Finance ministry says state institutions spent 36 per cent of development budget
• Ghani to follow electronic ID cards distribution process
• Police stops a family to commit suicide in Kunduz;
• Abdullah seeks public support for security
• 10 ANA soldiers killed in 24 hours
• Pro-IS group detained in Kabul
• Obama, Ahmadzai hold video conference
• Three government employees detained on graft charges
• Acting Chief Justice Abdul Salam Azimi resigns
• India reiterates commitment to Afghanistan’s development
• UN backs Afghan youth’s bid for change
• Extremism can never be justified

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22 October 2014
• AGO says debtors of bank should be punished
• ‘Drug mafia pocket $80 billion from drug trade annually’
• AGO: Dossiers of 5 former cabinet ministers sent to Supreme Court
• US envoy assures Dr. Abdullah that budget deficit will be filled by donors
• Abdullah: Professionalism, commitment to be considered in new appointments
• Kabul police says ISIS supporters will face justice
• Six-year-old raped in Kandahar
• WFP: Afghans still lack food security
• MoI denies Ahmadzai-Daudzai rift
• Daudzai wants neighbours to push peace bid
• High Peace Council holds no sessions over the past six months
• Nawzad may fall to Taliban, official warns
• Pakistani Taliban reaffirms allegiance to Mullah Mohammad Omar
• Ministry: Six million Afghans in need of food aid
• Iran hangs three Afghan nationals, shoots dead two others
• Official expresses concern about polio spread

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21 October 2014
• Alemi says formation of merit-based cabinet takes more time
• PC candidates blame electoral bodies for deals in final results
• BSA under discussion in commissions of Lower House
• AGO to prosecute those who bailed out debtors of Kabul Bank
• Danish says no acting governor to be re-appointed as new governor
• Kabul Municipality sets one-month deadline for Sherpoor plot owners to pay their dues
• MoI: number of female police to increase to 5,000
• Abdullah learns about common people’s lives in Kabul
• Analysts: Government not ready to participate in London Conference
• Access to information law ready for Presidential endorsement
• ‘Over 5,900 army soldiers died since 2009’
• Taliban’s ‘biggest military centre’ seized by local forces in Ghor
• Official dismisses reports on appointment of new Attorney-General
• Pro-ISIS slogans surface in Kabul
• Attorney-General: Powerful people grabbed four million acres of land
• Arman-e-Milli Daily editorial: US should not keep mum on cross-border attacks from Pakistan
• Afghanistan Times editorial highlights importance of positive and responsible use of social media

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20 October 2014
• Aziz to investigate Pakistan’s rocket attacks
• Abdullah says all government members work as a team
• Result of provincial council elections to be announced soon
• International community must fulfill pledges
• Report says police are reckless at night
• Al-Qaeda member killed in Nangarhar
• Social media plays a key role
• First Lady emphasizes improving conditions for women
• Abdullah: New cabinet to be introduced very soon
• Qamaruddin Shinwari named new Attorney General
• MPs want provincial poll results unveiled
• Russia faults global effort to combat Afghan drugs
• Officials: Taliban surrounds Uruzgan's Gizab district

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