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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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30 April 2015
• Ghani rolls out red carpet for Indian investors
• ICRC expresses concern over alarming civilian casualties
• TJCG calls for repeal of amnesty law
• 2 schoolteachers gunned down in Kunar (English)
• Abducted health worker released in Ghor
• Six soldiers martyred, 130 militants killed in separate military operation
• NDS member gunned down in Kandahar
• National unity should render our prime concern
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29 April 2015
• Ghani wants all states mobilised against terror (English)
• Another 25 rebels perish in Kunduz clashes (English)
• 20 Taliban killed, 19 wounded in Zabul offensive (English)
• Daesh asked to wage jihad in non-Muslim states (English)
• 3 killed, 5 wounded in Khost explosion (English)
• 43 rebels killed as reinforcements arrive in Kunduz (English)
• Taliban execute man for killing wife in Helmand (English)
• Reforms in electoral system to be definitely implemented, Muhaqiq (English)
• Dozens of militants killed in Ghazni operation (Dari)
• EU envoy blasts boundless corruption in Afghanistan (English)
• Requirement of destiny making changes in foreign relations and policies (Dari)
• Trip to India and preserving interests of Pakistan (Dari)
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28 April 2015
• Ismail Khan: Taliban plans to attack Herat
• Contact lost with 500 security men
• Militants arrest 28 policemen
• Afghan families returning via Torkham need homes
• Jobless youth burn academic documents
• Women harassed in public places and government offices
• Top Kandahar public health official shot
• HRW calls release of confession-video a violation
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27 April 2015
• Source: IDLG, new governors appointed
• President orders raids widened in Nangarhar
• Women’s role in peace process termed symbolic
• Alarm bells sounded on growing measles cases
• MEC: New Kabul Bank suffers US$7.5 million loss
• Ghor court chairperson: “We don’t recognize human rights officially
• Afghans girls still become victims of “Baad” tradition
• Change in fighting geography
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26 April 2015
• Afghan conflict: NATO diplomats for political solution
• Speaker: North changed to Waziristan
• CEO: Investigative journalism under dire threat
• Ten dead bodies of Afghans arrive from Iran
• Anti-Taliban cleric killed
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25 April 2015
• FEFA accuses electoral commissions of violating Constitution, other laws
• India supports China’s peace efforts in Afghanistan
• India envoy: No terrorist group can survive without foreign assistance
• CEO office, Council of Ministers declared as budgetary unit
• Five civilians killed
• Civilians suffer in fight between illegal groups
• Spanta rebuffs aid money ended up in IS pocket
• Governor: I have never said that Government sent cash to IS
• Official: Afghan refugees’ problems in Iran to be settled in three months
• Main Kabul Bank convicts moved to Bagram jail
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23 April 2015
• Enemy can’t overthrow elected Afghan govt: Ghani (English)
• Pak, Afghan women empowerment vital for progress: US (English)
• Religious leaders urge nation to support Afghan forces (English)
• Afghan-Pakistan industrial show opens in Balkh (English)
• Afghan forces need strong leadership: Campbell (English)
• Farah public welfare official shot dead (English)
• 4 dead in Ghor gas asphyxiation incident (English)
• Paktia land dispute claims 3 lives (English)
• Nimroz blast, clash claim 10 lives (English)
• Nine Afghan border police disappear after Taliban attack (English)
• Paktika governor: “I criticized former administration’s NSC” (Dari)
• Afghan conflict looks set to intensify: UN official (English)
• UN says civilians’ protection efforts must improve (English)
• Massoud on land-grabbing (English)
• Peace must be preferred (English)
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22 April 2015
• UN official: Afghan conflict looks set to intensify
• Kabul awaits practical steps to initiate peace talks
• Abidy: President to introduce defence ministerial nominee after consultation with people
• IS: Regional intelligence behind Nangrahar massacre
• Kangaroo trial: Three men executed on murder charges
• Foreign spy agencies stop giving money to Presidential Palace
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21 April 2015
• Mujahid: US and UN should remove obstacles to peace
• UN expresses concern over rise in roadside-mine victims in Afghanistan
• CEO Office: Differences still exist over appointment of head of reform commission
• 16 new ministers take oath
• EUPOL: MoI cash reaches armed opposition
• Taliban accepts they beheaded ANA soldiers
• AGO: No one arrested in Farkhunda’s case has been released
• Official: Taliban and IS declare Jihad against each other
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20 April 2015
• No will for bringing reform to electoral commissions
• UN wants Daesh existence in Afghanistan verified
• IS recruits fighters in Helmand
• Vice President: Lower House approval of cabinet picks, a clear message to enemies
• Zadran calls the National Unity Government illegitimate
• Taliban: Al-Qaeda fighters no more fighting in Afghanistan
• US former diplomat: Official US bodies control and manage terrorist groups
• MoI denies report on suppressing fraud complaints
• Official: Death toll from Jalalabad attack rises
• AIHRC confirms existence of torture in jails
• Bounty for identification of Farkhunda’s killers
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