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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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21 August 2014
Seven injured in yesterday’s clash in IEC, UN expresses concern about yesterday’s clash; Du Ab district of Nuristan province falls in Taliban’s control; Finance minister says funds to Afghan forces should increase; Attorney General issues order for NYT reporter to leave Afghanistan; Australian ambassador says no financial assistance unless BSA is signed
Presidential candidates met today; AIHRC expresses concern over growing tradition of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan; A foreign soldier beheaded in PD10 of Kabul.
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20 August 2014
UNAMA condemns Tuesday’s clash at IEC; National Unity Committee leaves two points for candidates to decide; Karzai’s top security aide dismisses a need for formation of an interim government; Balkh Governor reacts to Ahmadzai’s mocking response; Taliban captures district in Nuristan; Foreign national stabbed in Kabul; President Karzai calls for early announcement of election result; Abdullah warns not to accept flawed result echoed by Noor; Ahmadzai calls on Abdullah to accept executive post; Noor reacts to Amadzai’s horselaugh; Vote audit criteria are problematic, says a member of Abdullah’s team; Released militants join Taliban.
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19 August 2014
Kerry vows that US will strongly support democratic process and the agreement reached between the two candidates; Ahmadzai hopes that Abdullah will assume post of chief executive if he fails to win the election; Balkh Governor calls for indisputable completion of electoral process; Council of Ministers orders government entities to implement transition of aerial territory from ISAF to the Government; Finance Ministry says Government will be able to pay its employees’ salaries only for the next three months; Nation Unity Committee fails to agree on authorities of executive chief; IEC hopes to complete the vote audit process within two weeks; IEC dismisses assertion that vote invalidation process is handled by UNDP; Donors withhold assistance over delay of election’s results; Taliban not behind killing 14 civilian in Ghor, says delegation; Recent rocket attacks by Pakistan kills 13 civilians, injure more.
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18 August 2014
UN praises improvements made in the vote audit process; National Unity Commission will soon announce dates for the announcement of the result of Presidential run-off, presidential inauguration; NSC accuses ISI of funding Afghan militants; AGO starts investigation about Dostum’s interference in oil extraction process in north; Video shows Taliban commander and leader of Salafists in Kunar, endorsing ISIS leader; Seven of 11 kidnapped deminers released; Members of National Unity Government report progress in their talks; Abdullah’s team claims that they have discovered a lot of things in the audit process of 6,000 ballot boxes; Ahmadzai bursts into laughter when asked to comment about recent remarks of Balkh governor; Huge gathering in Kandahar opposes coalition government, warns to refuge to Taliban if its demands are not met; HPC, AIHRC comment about Hekmatyar’s efforts for opening a political office in Kabul; Afghan forces fight Taliban in 14 provinces following an unprecedented surge in militants’ activities; Minister offers priority to Afghans to invest in mining sector.
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17 August 2014
Obama pledges continued support to Afghanistan; AGO to investigate into alleged fraud audio file attributed to Second Vice President; HIA to negotiate with new Afghan government; MoD denies holding peace negotiations with militants in Helmand; MoI denies SIGAR’s report about disappearance of weapons; Cross-border shelling continues into Kunar; Polio immunization campaign kicks off; National Unity Committee reaches some agreements; Special audit process of 6,000 ballot boxes commences; Pakistan embassy denies Indian envoy’s latest comments; No word of power-sharing exists in the agreement signed by run-off candidates, says US ambassador; TEFA calls for more authorities to the electoral commissions; Electoral teams accuse each other of being responsible for current economic turmoil; NDS rescues abducted Indians.
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16 August 2014
Special audit of 6,000 ballot boxes begins; IEC official says audit of 6,000 ballot boxes will take 10 to 15 days; IECC resumes work on finalizing results of the provincial councils’ elections; Ahmadzai says he will not change the government into a cooperative, stabs Noor for his recent comments; Noor calls for transparent and just judgments in vote invalidation process, warns of "green and yellow" protests; Hekmatyar’s group denies sending delegation to Kabul; NDS free three Indian nationals from Taliban’s captivity; Man stones his wife to death.; US ambassador says electoral process should end in two weeks or Afghans will not be represented in upcoming London summit; Representatives of electoral teams express hope to reach an agreement by the end of next week; Noor’s latest comments to Washington Post reflect position of Abdullah’s team – Orya; Abdullah’s team accuses IEC of manipulating 6,000 ballot boxes due to special auditing; India’s envoy says terrorists enter Afghanistan from Pakistan, denies India’s involvement in proxy war in Afghanistan; IEDs inflict most of casualties to Afghan forces; Taliban publicly hangs five people on charges of spying for government.
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15 August 2014
Special audit of 6,000 ballot boxes suspended; Female lawmaker allegedly supports Taliban’s ideology, ISIS-style Islamic State in Afghanistan; War in Helmand subsides due to ongoing peace negotiations mediated by tribal elders – senior police official; Pakistani Jihadi group sets up training camps in Afghanistan – US; Killing war prisoners is against law of war and a possible war crime – AI’s researcher;UN to audit, recount 6,000 ballot boxes tomorrow; Abdullah calls international aids to Afghanistan as important; National unity committee to draw up framework of unity government; Karzai says Afghanistan to have new president in 15 days; Abdullah’s first running mate says IEC employees should be prosecuted; National Data Collection Centre inaugurated in Kabul; A school torched in Shakardara, Kabul; Indian Defence Ministry expresses concern over withdrawal of foreign forces; Formation of a unity government originates from a plan of National Agenda – Massoud; Noor warns to boycott election result if proven fraud committed in favor a candidate.
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14 August 2014
Five government officials killed in Faryab, Laghman; Sherzai’s campaigner in Helmand shot dead; Taliban execute illegal militia leader; Badakhshan mothers face high mortality risk; Talks underway with Taliban in Sangin; Five civilians among 11 killed in fresh violence; Seven wounded in Nangarhar explosion; Fire partially damages school in Kabul; 9.9 per cent workers lost their jobs; Dozens of factories closed due to electoral uncertainty; Shibergan prison director sacked.UN proposes recount of 6,000 ballot boxes; A joint committee of two electoral teams assumes its work; Ashraf Ghani opposes an agreement on power sharing in the national unity government; Vote invalidation process to begin Thursday; IECC ready for registration of complaints on vote invalidation; 3,624 rockets fired from Pakistan to Kunar this year - provincial police chief; ISAF aerial support the most effective option to tackle insurgents’ group attacks.
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13 August 2014
Electoral teams differ on interpretation of executive chief post; Government decides to shut down three companies for producing TV spots against the Afghan forces; Defence and interior ministries prepared to prevent Pakistan attacks; Candidates’ joint committee to hold its first meeting on Wednesday; Vote invalidation process due in one or two days, says IEC; NATO chief says they will leave Afghanistan if the electoral stalemate does not end, BSA is not signed; BSA was not signed due to civilian casualties among other factors – Presidential Palace; Baghlan police chief directs his forces not to have mercy on Taliban and other terrorists; Official enumerates factors behind the increase in militant’s activities; Police apologize for raid on a restaurant in Kabul.
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12 August 2014
Karzai asks Cabinet to Facilitate power transfer; Top officials rescued from Taliban ambush; 11 drug smugglers detained in Kabul; “We are the absolute winner of the second round of election,” says Reform and Partnership spokesperson. Electoral teams ready to form joint committee; 1,100 civilians killed in US raids- Amnesty International; Suicide attack victims’ families mourn; US concerns over distrust between candidates; Media groups call for protection of journalists; NSC orders armed forces to repulse Pakistan incursions; National unity government is idea of Afghans – Ambassador Cunningham.
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