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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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23 November 2014
• Ghani: Peace needs broader national consensus
• Presidential Spokespersons: Foreign troops can operate in three legal areas
• MoFA confirms Belgium’s decision to shut its embassy in Kabul
• Rape cases increase 60 per cent in the north
• AIHRC: Violence against women on the rise
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22 November 2014
• UN resolution applauds transfer of power
• ‘President Ghani has not accepted Rabbani’s resignation’
• Second Vice President: A number of cabinet members to be introduced soon
• Lower House to discuss BSA Sunday
• Female MPs in ‘secret deal’ with US
• UNICEF to provide $650 million to improve Afghan children’s situation
• AI: Perpetrator of child rape should face justice
• Over 1,100 dead or wounded in Sangin fighting
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20 November 2014
• UNICEF to spent $655 million in Afghanistan in the next five years
• US needs sustained aid to Afghanistan
• Car bomb explodes in front of district police HQ
• Gunmen torch girls’ school in Farah
• Complex attack on a foreign troops’ base injures three
• Over 700 ARG staff join Gen. Dostum to donate blood for Afghan troops
• Rocket attack in Kunar kills school child, injures 5 others
• Seven Taliban insurgents killed in Badakhshan operation
• President Ghani to monitor big contracts in person
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19 November 2014
• MP Hashemi: Attacks increase after Ghani rejected ISI demands
• Lower House to discuss BSA next week
• Armed men abduct six teachers in Badghis
• All closed schools in Nangarhar’s Haskamina district reopen
• Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs welcomes inclusion of Taliban and Haqqani in UAE’s terrorist list
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18 November 2014
• Ghani: Political issues won’t hurt national security
• CEO: International community expects reforms and improvements in the government institutions
• Sartaj Aziz: Afghan Taliban are not against Pakistan
• IEC shares parliamentary election schedule with president
• Balkh governor’s supporters lose provincial council leadership positions
• IEC’s Nuristani accused of embezzlement
• Number of ministers to decrease to 18
• ‘Target of Sunday’s suicide attack was Second Vice-President, not Barakzai’
• Kapisa couple publicly whipped for adultery
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17 November 2014
• Civil society network calls for delaying parliamentary poll
• Officials: Timeline set for implementation of agreements with Pakistan
• Abdullah: No security vacuum after withdrawal of international troops
• Ulema Council condemns Pak cleric’s remarks
• WHO: Over 80 per cent of Afghan women facing violence
• Taliban, Haqqanis in UAE terror list
• Interior Ministry: Foreign terrorists involved in terrorist activities
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16 November 2014
• Ghani condemns attack on Barakzai, orders probe
• Abdullah: Negotiations about formation of new cabinet ongoing
• Disagreements surface between representatives of President and CEO on cabinet
• Karzai: Afghanistan does not need opposition, rather cooperation from all Afghans
• New polio case found in Helmand
• Germany pledges additional 1.2 billion Afs in aid
• Woman elected as head of Provincial Council for the first time in history
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15 November 2014
Government has not sanctioned resumption of night raids’
• Pakistani cleric tells Ghani that war will continue until foreign troops go
• Government’s neutrality in pursuing Kabul Bank case questioned
• Afghan women want more ministries
• IS appoints Afghan religious scholar as Khurasan Emir
• Taliban kills two tribal elders
• Young girl raped by armed men in Takhar
• Poland shuts its embassy in Kabul
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13 November 2014
• UN asked to present full report on Afghan activities
• Zakhilwal, Punjab CM discuss trade ties
• Suicide bomber hits NATO convoy in Jalalabad
• Drug addicts on the increase in Panjsher
• Defence ministry resumes nigh-raid operations
• UN: Violations of women rights still continue
• UN advises Afghan government on women's rights, violence against women
• Harrowing incident of terrorism in Ghazni
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12 November 2014
• CEO says no differences over selection of cabinet picks
• Nuristani: Parliament has no authority to impeach electoral officials
• Zakhilwal rebuffs bankruptcy allegations
• Senior officials of Kabul Bank jailed for 15 years
• Pakistan’s ISI Chief visits Kabul
• Footage shows bomber was brought in police HQ
• AIHRC: No pretext can justify torture in the prisons and detention centers
• Landslide-affected families still live in tents
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