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23 April 2014
Ulema Council asks Presidential candidates to accept poll results; IECC local officials in Herat receive threats after voiding thousands of votes; Thousands of votes quarantined in Kunduz, Badakhshan and Paktika - officials; President Karzai assigns a commission to probe into existence of foreign-run prisons in Helmand; Russian envoy thanks President Karzai for his stance towards Crimea; Constitutional Oversight Commission accuses some national, international organizations of not respecting Afghan laws; IEC delays announcement of preliminary poll results to Saturday; IEC says over 97 per cent of poll result sheets entered in commission's database; Senators, civil society organizations criticize invalidation of votes in some provinces; IECC office in Paktya rebuffs reports that it invalidated votes in 32 polling centres.
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22 April 2014
UN envoy underlines importance of women's participation in political process; IECC spokesman defends invalidation of some 100,000 votes in Herat; Government delegation discovers British-run jail in Kandahar - report; Abdullah, Ahmadazai's electoral teams say HPC remained inept; Local commander's men kill local influential figures, torch dozens of residential houses in Faryab; Government postpones signing of mining and urban development projects until new Government is in charge; Nangarhar officials report 70 per cent increase in poppy cultivation. IECC says votes from 63 polling centres and 13 sites invalidated; Parliament criticizes invalidation of 100,000 votes in Herat; Ahmadzai denies forming a coalition government; Abdullah and Ahmadzai's teams claim victory, dismiss possibility of poll run-off.
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21 April 2014
Ahmadzai asks IEC to suspend announcement of more poll results until votes being cleared; IECC commissioner says some ballot boxes quarantined illegally; Hekmatyar vows to boycott Presidential election run-off - source; Local officials are unaware about an existence a foreign-run prison in Kandahar airport; Second partial result of presidential poll places Abdullah in lead; Abdullah criticizes invalidation of 100,000 votes in Herat; Ahmadzai calls on IEC to announce exact number of voters, expresses concern about electoral fraud; IECC voids votes in four provinces; Afghanistan inaugurates first training institute for disabled people.
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20 April 2014
IEC says presidential election might face a run-off; Sirat calls for establishment of an interim administration if result of presidential election sparks differences; Agha Jan Motasim arrives in Kabul; MoD expresses unawareness about India-Russia arm deal for Afghanistan; MoFA criticizes execution of Afghan nationals in Iran; IECC vows to complete its assessment of ‘serious’ electoral complaints in two days; Veteran politician says electoral commissions are not independent; Sherzai calls elections "illegitimate"; President Karzai assigns delegation to probe allegations of existence of foreign-run prisons in Kandahar; MPs grill health minister.
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19 April 2014
UNAMA stresses on support to electoral commissions; President Karzai hopes poll results to be announced as scheduled; IEC denies allegations of imposing restrictions on civil society’s electoral observers; Taliban threaten voters for participating in 5 April vote; Senior Pakistani senator says Pakistan must break links with Afghan insurgents; Iran executes six Afghan immigrants - official.
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17 April 2014
Afghan electoral bodies need support – UN; Security personnel used for political objectives – Khogyani; Parwan accident leaves three dead, 15 injured; UNAMA urges support for Afghan electoral bodies and human rights commission; First Vice-President tells UN envoy that Presidential Palace is trying to ensure inclusion of defeated candidates in next administration; IEC begins recounting of ballots in 22 provinces; IECC sends to IEC a list of polling sites for ballot quarantine; Polls monitors urge electoral commissions to allow them more access; Anti-graft body accuses national and international organizations of failing to tackle corruption; Afghanistan to have better economic growth in 2014 and 2015 if Presidential candidates accept poll outcome – ADB.
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16 April 2014
UN envoy meets First Vice President; IEC, IECC recount votes of quarantined ballot boxes in several provinces; Speaker of Upper House warns US of Afghan reactions if it handovers military equipment to Pakistan; Female MP sustains gunshot injuries; Locals in Nangarhar start uprising against Taliban; IEC and IECC explain their efforts to address electoral fraud, irregularities; Senators accuse foreign intelligence, ISI of derailing Afghan peace efforts; Missing of former Taliban official in UAE sparks Afghan senators' anger; US envoy hopes next Afghan President will unconditionally sign the BSA.
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15 April 2014
Dozens of ballot boxes quarantined in Balkh and Baghlan; Abdullah's team denies to have prepared a list of high-ranking officials to be included in his government; Central Bank unnecessarily pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover up Kabul Bank losses - lawmaker; Militants kill six civilians working for NSP, a private construction company; Hasht-e-Shubh editorial stresses on a strong and legitimate opposition; IEC to recount votes of some polling sites; TEFA releases its report on electoral fraud, irregularities; Some MPs say they do not accept partial result of Presidential poll; Afghanistan confirms former Taliban member is missing in UAE.
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14 April 2014
UNAMA welcomes partial announcement of Presidential poll results; Rassoul and Sayyaf react to announcement of partial results of Presidential election; Lower House asks Presidential candidates to accept poll results; MoWA asks for executive role; Poppy fields increasing in Kandahar - official; Partial announcement of poll results places Abdullah in the lead; Ahmdzai urges electoral commissions to single out fraudulent votes; Sherzai claims massive fraud in favour of particular Presidential candidates; Ulema call on electoral commissions to avoid political manipulation of votes; IECC says over 800 serious complaints could affect the final results of Presidential poll.
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13 April 2014
Sarnavesht Daily editorial questions possible formation of a coalition Government; IECC officials in Paktya warn that adjudication of electoral complaints will not take place due to lack of IEC's cooperation; Cases of human rights violations rise in Uruzgan; Lower House approves cooperation agreements with Norway and Finland; IEC expected to announce partial result of Presidential election today; Lower House asks electoral bodies to make fair and unbiased decisions regarding the elections; IECC registers 1,937 electoral complaints; World Bank grants US$ 250 million to Afghanistan for boosting its infrastructure projects.
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