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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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20 May 2015
• UN sanction committee delegation travels to Kabul to identify sources funding terrorism
• UN removes Taliban officials from blacklist
• Taliban delegation visits Iran
• Karzai shows deep concerns about Pak-Afghan intelligence agreement
• Abdullah to Stanikzai: You are ill and cannot work in Ministry of Defence
• Noor shows angry reaction on Stanikzai’s nomination as defense minister Source: Eleven provinces get new governors
• Minister: Most channels’ serials against national values
• Civilians among 20 dead in Baghlan operation
• 41 attacks on Afghan hospital workers over past year
• Taliban surrounds IS stronghold in Farah
• Violence against women decreased by 25 per cent in Balkh
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19 May 2015
• Stanikzai, Gen. Qadam Shah picked as defence minister nominee, chief of army staff
• Source: Eight provinces get new governors
• Taliban besiege Musa Kala district center
• Taliban advancing in Baghlan, warns PC chief
• Dozens of female students poisoned
• Soaring maternal mortality rate still a challenge
• Locusts destroyed farmlands
• Taliban funded through abduction
• Floods take toll, wash away houses
• MoFA: Deported Afghans from IEC are not traders
• Manawi: Abdullah less serious on reforming electoral system
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18 May 2015
• HPC urges UN to remove Taliban from blacklist
• Primary court to announce its verdict on 19 police in Farkhunda case
• Few acting governors to be appointed as governors
• UNODC, ministry to launch anti-drug awareness drive
• Taliban’s Pakistani passports will be replaced by Afghan ones
• NSC advisor: Waning representation of women in security sector is shameful
• President Ghani seeks pretexts for implementation of electoral reform
• MPs demand answers over NDS and ISI MoU
• Taliban: Except two, all suspicious abductees released in Paktya
• Waqad: Participation to upcoming Qatar meeting should be based on proper plan
• Fighting continuing between Taliban, IS
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17 May 2015
• Deputy CEO stresses electoral reforms
• Ghani: Steps be expedited to empower women
• President: Government to fully back free media
• MP: US helicopters supplying militants
• Taliban seize Baghlan police training centre
• ‘Taliban far-better equipped than security forces’
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16 May 2015
• Hundreds of IEC employees on strike
• EU stresses IS presence in Afghanistan
• Iran denies link, but confirms intelligence control over Taliban
• US and Pakistan strike deal on Afghanistan
• Cabinet disapproves of draft media regulation law
• New group targeting former Taliban leaders
• Militants abduct health workers
• UNFPA donates ambulances
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14 May 2015
• UNAMA condemns killing of 17 civilians by Taliban (English)
• NATO welcomes Pak-Afghan rapprochement (English)
• SIGAR expresses concern about ANSF capability (English)
• Women rights be protected in peace talks: EPD (English)
• Foreign firms owe $100m to Afghan contractors (English)
• 'Taliban, Daesh fighters clash in Nangarhar (English)
• Pakistani police flatten Afghan refugee homes, shops (English)
• 14 confirmed dead in Kabul hotel attack (English)
• 69 schools close over security issues in Uruzgan (English)
• UN says 14 civilians killed in Kabul attack (English)
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13 May 2015
• NATO vows to maintain its presence in Afghanistan
• HPC says nothing will be compromised in peace talks, UN underlines inclusive participation
• MPs at odds over summoning IEC chief
• AGO jails child bride
• Militants storm Haj department
• IEC chief blasts foreigners for defaming his commission
• FM calls for international community’s sincere support
• Some elements seek their interests in war, says HPC official
• Government optimistic about recent visit of Pakistani officials
• FEFA calls for commencement of reform commission’s work
• MPs discuss security, elections
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12 May 2015
• UNAMA strongly condemns attack on judges and prosecutors
• Source: IEC’s 850 employees will lose their jobs
• IECC chief: International community will discontinue its financial assistance to electoral system
• NATO FMs to decide how long RS mission will last
• Flood claims 11 more lives
• MoI: Jawand district regained from Taliban
• Baghlan governor’s ceasefire with Taliban
• Balkh starts creating community policing forums
• House speaker: Some districts of different province at edge of collapse
• Lower House ratifies Afghanistan-Turkey deal
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11 May 2015
• UNAMA: Peace process must be one in which Afghans talk to Afghans
• Building tangible peace top priority: Abdullah
• CEO: Recklessness in reforming country’s electoral system will create challenges
• Report: Pakistan premier will visit Kabul on Tuesday
• Warduj district in danger of falling to the Taliban
• Kunduz fighting displaces 16,000 families
• Over 43,000 children deprived of receiving polio drops
• Polio case registered in Helmand
• No aid delivered to flood affected people
• Taliban plants landmines in three districts
• Sacked governor: No delegation sent to Paktika
• IOM to assist Afghan migrants in finding shelter and employment
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10 May 2015
• Watchdog blast delay in electoral reforms
• UN: Fighting in Kunduz displaces nearly 100,000 people
• Body formed to ensure peace in Jawzjan
• Do not leave terrorists alive
• Azra district feared to fall into Taliban control
• Baghlan residents seek weapons to fight Taliban
• NDS employees among seven dead in Kandahar suicide attack
• 850 militants provided with jobs after shunning violence
• AIHRC blames culture of impunity for rapes
• Chief Executive meets with deputy to IOM
• India's SEWA to train 3,000 Afghan women
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