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[These headlines/stories consist of selected excerpts from press articles and television news bulletins. The inclusion of headlines does not imply endorsement and UNAMA cannot vouch for the accuracy of these reports.]
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4 July 2015
• CEO Office: Palace has proposed a fraudulent person as head of ERC
• CEO: Mujahidin are the main bases of stability
• Massoud: Current situation requires convention of Loya Jirga
• Official: Khwaja Ghar district purged of militants
• Jalrez fighting ends with all security posts retaken
• Police target civilian houses in Jalrez
• Hekmatyar: Iran is another Israel to Muslim World
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2 July 2015
• NDS: Special unit established to wipe out Daesh
• New Bamyan governor received amid protests
• WJ again summons Ulumi over spiraling insecurity
• No “well-spring” of anti-American sentiments: Dempsey
• Experts: Forgetting Afghanistan means destruction of the region
• Pakistan army engages in building facilities on Afghan border
• 3,000 positions to be announced in Herat
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1 July 2015
• We will not approve any documents until election date is set, senators warn
• Saleh: Government was informed about destruction of weapon cache
• Four official-designates introduced to Lower House
• Teachers end month-long strike after assurances
• Thousands of families receive wheat from WFP
• UNDP: No single Dollar will be given to MoI if there is no accountability
• Explosion, mortar attack claim lives
• Ghani: Four committees should be formed for dispute dissolution between Kuchis and villagers
• Conference to be held to evaluate the military situation in Afghanistan
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30 June 2015
• Changes of members delay commencement of ERC work
• President asks Mujadadi to solve Kuchi-Hazara dispute
• Clash erupts between Kuchis, residents
• Military operation launched against IS
• Protesters close down Governor’s office
• UN: 2302 Afghan children killed in four years
• CEO supports powerful people for his own survival
• Attacks on teachers and students increase in Afghanistan
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29 June 2015
• Kabul Bank scandal: US$437 million of stolen money recovered
• Kandahar bank manager returns with stolen money
• Body to resolve Kuchi-Hazara tribes dispute resumes work
• Security forces regain control of Chardara district
• Balkh civil society activists split over ID cards issue
• Huge arms cache of ex-Jihadi commander seized
• IS imposes restrictions on residents
• UN deputy special envoy calls on Second VP
• Dobbins: Mullah Omar’s role is important in peace talks
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28 June 2015
• Floods displace hundreds of families
• IDPs returning to Yumgan
• MoD: 13 militants dead in Daesh, Taliban clash
• Government and people must prevent spread of IS
• VP Danish: Electoral Reform Commission will commence its work soon
• Governor: Sherzai must be prosecuted
• Three former Taliban officials to participate in peace negotiations in China
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27 June 2015
• CEO meets deputy UN envoy
• Electronic ID cards necessary for transparent election
• Aziz: Intelligence accord was signed based on Afghan Government’s demand
• Achakzai: I fear that Afghans will convene Loya Jirga and disqualify Ashraf Ghani
• Karzai: In the absence of Russia-China-India alliance, Afghanistan will not be stabilized
• Putin: IS is active in 25 provinces of Afghanistan
• IS spokesman: Taliban is ISI’s stooge and there will be no mercy for it
• US$ 335 million might have been embezzled in power sector
• 12 girls’ schools closed following Taliban’s warning
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25 June 2015
• UN links financial aid to inclusive electoral reforms
• Taliban mount big attack on district center in Nuristan
• 12 policemen dead in fight with rebels in Helmand
• US, China support peaceful, stable Afghanistan
• Policeman in Farah kills 3 colleagues
• 'Dostum-Noor alliance to improve security in north’
• Talks without political office support irrelevant: Taliban
• Girl commits suicide in Jawzjan
• Afghan government prepares “Map of War”
• IS: Taliban is agent of ISIS
• NSC: No intelligence document is signed with Pakistan
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24 June 2015
• Senators: Pakistan behind Afghan Parliament attack
• 23 rebels join peace process
• Efforts ongoing to improve NGO’s activities
• Floods destroy 50 homes in Takhar
• CEO: UNESCO should register more Afghan historical sites
• New coalition is under way
• House to impeach interior minister, NDS chief
• Official: Reason behind delay in distribution of electronic ID is not clear
• UN Secretary-General condemns attack on Afghan National Assembly
• Honor killing increases in Herat
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23 June 2015
• Two dead as Hazara-Kuchi feud resurfaces in Wardak
• MPs: Government has no strategy to fight IS
• 30 schoolgirls poisoned in Bamyan
• UN Envoy addresses Security Council on Afghanistan
• International aids did not decrease poverty
• New appointments in Washington and UN
• UN urges Ghani to specify date of parliamentary elections
• Haysom: It is time for the beginning of direct Afghan peace talks
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