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 2014 Presidential and provincial council polls
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PRESS RELEASE: UNAMA urges engagement and inclusion of women in political process
KABUL, 21 April 2014 – The United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Ján Kubiš, highlights the importance of continued meaningful engagement and inclusion of women in Afghanistan’s political processes.
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PRESS RELEASE: UNAMA urges support for Afghan electoral bodies and human rights commission
KABUL, 16 April 2014 – The top United Nations official in Afghanistan today stressed the need to support the country’s two national electoral institutions – the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) – and to safeguard the impartiality and transparency of their work, in addition to highlighting the importance of the coming re-accreditation review of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).
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UN-backed body expresses ‘serious concerns’ over impunity in ‘high-profile’ corruption cases
16 April 2014 – A United Nations-backed high level anti-corruption body has expressed “serious concerns” over impunity in some of Afghanistan’s “high-profile corruption cases” and identified some government institutions and other bodies for their performance in the fight against corruption.
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Afghan activists organize photo exhibition highlighting challenge of violence against women
15 April 2014 – In their effort to press Afghan governmental bodies and justice institutions to ensure that the perpetrators of violence against women are penalized in accordance with the law, a group of civil society activists today organized a photo exhibition in the capital, Kabul, displaying images of victims as well as the key clauses of a law that seeks to stem violence against women.
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Afghan electoral body announces partial results of Presidential polls
13 April 2014 – The Afghan electoral body responsible for the holding of last week’s landmark Presidential elections announced today the first batch of partial results, based on ten per cent of the results of the vote from 26 of the country’s 34 provinces, with the top United Nations official in the country welcoming the results' release and urging patience while vote counting continues.
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PRESS STATEMENT: UNAMA welcomes release of poll’s partial results, urges patience
KABUL, 13 April 2014 – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) welcomes today's announcement of the first batch of partial results in the country’s Presidential elections as a further step towards completing the electoral process – while also noting that these results represent only a small proportion of the millions of ballots cast in the poll.
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Afghanistan’s health ministry reports significant decrease in malaria cases
10 April 2014 – Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health has reported a significant reduction in malaria cases in the country as a result of the “successful implementation” of its national programme to control and prevent the disease.
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Top official from electoral body reiterates commitment to tackling fraud in polls
9 April 2014 - An official from one of Afghanistan’s electoral bodies today reiterated his commitment to ensuring that legitimate votes would be separated from any fraudulent votes in last Saturday’s Presidential and Provincial Councils elections, while noting that fraud and electoral violations had taken place.
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IECC receives 3,000 poll-related complaints; begins adjudication
8 April 2014 – The Afghan body responsible for adjudicating complaints related to last Saturday’s elections announced today that it has started the adjudication process after having received more than 3,000 complaints before the midnight Monday deadline.
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PRESS STATEMENT: UNAMA urges respect for election process
KABUL, 8 April 2014 – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) today urged the candidates in the country’s Presidential elections, as well as their supporters, to respect the work of the two national electoral institutions – the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission – as vote counting is underway.
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 Afghan electoral bodies at work
Since 5 April, when Afghans voted in Presidential and Provincial Council polls, Afghanistan’s two national electoral institutions – the Independent Election Commission and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission – have been going about their work of vote tallying and dealing with complaints, as well as providing regular updates on their respective processes.
Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission on Sunday announced the second partial preliminary results of the 5 April Presidential election. The announcement is based on the tally of about 50 per cent of votes from the country’s 34 provinces. UNAMA has urged presidential candidates and their supporters to display patience while vote tallying is completed. The IEC is scheduled to announce full preliminary results on 24 April.
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21 April 2014 - Second partial result of presidential poll places Abdullah in lead; Abdullah criticizes invalidation of 100,000 votes in Herat; Ahmadzai calls on IEC to announce exact number of voters, expresses concern about electoral fraud; IECC voids votes in four provinces; Afghanistan inaugurates first training institute for disabled people. More >>

 Kubiš visits polling centre on e-day
The UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, Jan Kubiš, visited a polling centre in Kabul on election day - 5 April 2014.
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