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PRESS STATEMENT: UNAMA condemns attack on election commission premises

KABUL, 29 March 2014 – The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) condemns today’s attack on the Kabul headquarters of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) and confirms that its own neighbouring base was hit by small arms fire.

All UN staff members are accounted for and reported safe.

The Mission denounces this latest violent attack on a civilian location. It reiterates that electoral institutions and their staff should not be the targets of deliberate attacks.

“Resorting to violence to intimidate citizens from exercising their democratic rights is an admission that you have lost the ability to win over people through political persuasion,” said the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and acting head of UNAMA, Nicholas Haysom.

“The UN remains undeterred in carrying out its work and I am confident that the IEC is as equally determined," Mr. Haysom added. “More importantly, I am sure that ordinary Afghans remain undeterred in their desire to have their say on the future direction of their country.”

Afghanistan is slated to hold Presidential and Provincial Council elections on 5 April.
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