• UNAMA priorities continue as its mandate renewed for another year (Dari & Pashto)

    17 March 2015 - United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) continue its Mission priorities in the year ahead as its mandate was renewed for another year. UNAMA Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan and Human Rights Director explained some of these priorities in this week’s radio roundtable. 

  • Afghan women’s political participation increases (Dari & Pashto)

    10 March 2015 - In UNAMA’s roundtable discussion to commemorate International Women’s Day, women activists highlight the recent increase in Afghan women’s political participation. 

  • Afghan women prove they can contribute equally to society (English)

    9 March 2015 - Women in Afghanistan need to be recognized as active participants in society, not just as victims, according to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

  • Afghan women make progress despite challenges (Dari & Pashto)

    3 March 2015 - In this week’s UNAMA radio programme, Afghan women activists proclaim that there has been progress for Afghan women in the last 13 years despite challenges, particularly in the area of security and education. 

  • Treatment of conflict-related detainees in Afghan custody (Dari & Pashto)

    24  February 2015 - UNAMA radio held a roundtable discussion on the situation of conflict-related detainees in Afghan custody and their rights with guests Abdul Ahrar Ramizpoor, UNAMA Human Rights Officer, and Faiullah Bidar, Spokesperson of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

  • Protection of Civilians Annual Report 2014 (English) UN Radio

    18 February 2015 - Increased ground engagements between parties to the armed conflict in Afghanistan are behind a 22 per cent rise in conflict-related deaths and injuries of Afghan civilians in 2014, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said today on the release of its 2014 Annual Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, prepared in coordination with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

  • Protection of civilians in armed conflict (Dari & Pashto)

    17 February 2015 - UNAMA radio held a radio roundtable discussion on civilian casualties and protection of civilians in armed conflict. 

  • The UN’s work on EVAW in Afghanistan (Dari & Pashto)

    3 February 2015 - UNAMA radio today held a radio roundtable discussion on UN’s work on the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) in Afghanistan.  

  • Afghan women’s participation in peace process (Dari & Pashto)

    27 January 2015 - A prominent civil society activist today discussed women’s participation in the peace process during the recent Afghan People’s Dialogue in this UNAMA radio programme. 

  • Follow up of Afghan People’s Dialogue on Peace (Dari & Pashto)

    20 January 2015 - Afghan civil society networks will organize more activities to ensure recommendations of the recent national conference on the Afghan People's Dialogue for Peace heard by the government.