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 Peace and Reconciliation

The UN Secretary General's report to the Security Council released on 18 June 2014 provides an update of UNAMA activities, including in the area of peace and reconciliation, since 7 March 2013. For a full copy of the report, click here.

Peace and Reconciliation

1. There were no significant developments with regard to the peace process during the reporting period. A former Taliban-era official, Agha Jan Mutasim, who had sought to launch an “intra-Afghan dialogue” in the United Arab Emirates, was said by Afghan authorities on 14 April to be missing. He subsequently arrived in Kabul and indicated that he would soon seek to restart his efforts. Shifts within the Taliban movement during the period appear to have resulted in more hard-line elements coming to the fore, including through the replacement of the head of the Taliban’s Military Commission. In a statement dated 26 April, the Taliban confirmed the move while denying speculation that it was related to dissatisfaction at the failure to disrupt the first round of polling to a meaningful extent. On 31 May, it was announced that a United States soldier in Taliban captivity had been released in exchange for five senior Taliban detainees. In a statement, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, hailed the exchange as having the potential to “open the door for broader discussions among Afghans about the future of their country by building confidence”. On 1 June, a statement purportedly from the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar, welcomed the transfer of the detainees to Qatar. On 2 June, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan published a statement expressing dissatisfaction with the manner of the release. Separately, the joint secretariat of the High Peace Council reported that as at 25 May 8,551 individuals in 33 provinces had joined the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme, which is aimed at drawing lower-level fighters off the battlefield.